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- Boy Pakorn as Boy Ratkrit (25)
[owns BSweetheart Company; loveloveloveMargie]

- Cee Siwat as Cee Ratkrit (24)
[playboy;clubbing;aww swetheart have a huge crush on Amy; but doesn't want to admit.]

- Mark Prin as Mark Ratkrit (24)
[ heartbroken;cold;but lovable;loveMint]

- Margie Rasee as Margie Beyothae (23)
[manly;she'll take any bowler; but beautiful;work at BSweetshop later]

- Amy Amika Klinprathum as Amy Beyothae (22)
[sweet;lovable;work at the club; later work for cee;]

- Mint Chalida as Mint Beyothae (21)
[loving;fallinlove with Mark;model;baker]

- Mint Nattwara as Minta Beyothae (21)
[Mark's Ex; dating New Wontabow; doesn't care about anyone but herself]

- Fang Pitchaya as Fang Chaiton (23)
[Cee's Girlfren; doesn't like Amy; she cares about money; rich]

- View Wannarot as View Wontabow (24)
[Boy's Girlfren; doesn't like Margie; rich; spoiled]

- New Chaiyapol as New Wontabow (22)
[Mark's bestfren; betrade Mark; dating Minta b/c of love rich]

- Oh Anuchit as Peck Utatpo (22)
[Mint's Fren in England; born in Korea; designer; rich]

- Toey J. As Toey Ratkrit (21)
[youngest out of the Ratkrit family; study in Korea; huge crush on Peck]

- Peemai as Peemai Yuwatbope (23)
[Mark's ex-gf, somewhat spoiled]

( More Character(s) will be add later. )

Basic LONG Summary
( it can change anytime & it will spoiled)

Being a loving family; Boy as the oldest; Cee as the 2nd; & Mark is the youngest son in the Ratkrit Family. The Ratkrit Family is well-known for their grandfather King Samiali Ratkrit winning the battle over King Thanis Sawuta in those " Fight for the king " ages; not only this but because of their countless donations & giving to charities. To the public; the Ratkrit Family's son is perfect,BUT NO- Mrs.Ratkrit disagrees; even though to public her sons are PERFECT. for private it's chaos; How? well...

1; Boy - fllirtageous; a workaholic at his BSweetheart Company; dated so many womens while dating View Wontabow

2; Cee - the playboy; is clubbing you life? ; own the Family Mall; dated womens more than leaves can ever grow on trees; currently dating Fang Chaiton; his latest woman

3; Mark - the sweet tongue; Own his own photo studio along w/ his own FAMOUS magazine " Love=Rak"; after a BIG major break-up w/ Minta Beyothae; he believe all women are the same; they all want money; so he play the game

4; Mrs. Ratkrit can't handle both Boy's and Cee's GF; or Mark's cold behavior

Weell; gueswhat? their mom is setting up and army; due to the no woman that satisfidy her and her son not giving her any grandchild. She have plans ahead; if plan A doesn't work there still plan b. PLAN A; Blind Dates; PLAN B; Arrange marriages or if theses doesn't work there still PLAN C; no marriage; no baby; sorry you off the will list. Without knowing fate decided to take action; BUT without thinking fate put them infront of their soulmate; Teaser comiing SOON. :]



방탄소년단 x Bangtan Sonyeondan x JiTaew
omg. I'm liking it so far! ahaha
I wanna know what happens! This is epic. lol
Can't wait to read the first chapter!
Update soon! :woot2:


sarNie Hatchling
Chapter 1
Before you left me.

1 year before

--- On the roof top;
[his words trembles through those dry; soaked lips-trying hard to swallow back those tears]

Mark: Wh--why? why my--frie-?

Minta: Mark! [looking at him] I love him. I never loved you.

[tears drop from those eyes of his; yelling out how he feels; tremblin through his words]

Mark: IT'S NOT TR-TRUE! your-you are lyingg to me! You love me; if you don't love me- thn WHY THE HELL DID YOU AGREE TO MARRY ME? if you didn't --?

[Minta interupts; with an annoyed look & yelled]

Minta: BECAUSE OF MONEY! MARK; because your rich- but now I found someone better than you; love me more than you. he can give me anything unlike you;[taking out their wedding card & photos; she looks up & threw them to the sky; as beautiful memories; begans to flash] Goodbye. . . Mark

[walking away as he ran to hug her from behind]

Mark: Don't go. . I promise I'll change; I--I'll give you anything'

[tryin' hard not to let another tear drop; but as she break free; slap]

Minta; it's too late.. [walking down the stairs]

[On his knee; for the 2nd time; 1st time was when he proposed&she accept; tears just come & go; the FIRST lady that he ever loved; today was the first to leave him. Looking down at those pictures, memory strikes; as if lightenin' hated it; to where they first met; first date; anniversary,proposed; & now the truth; all that's going through his head was the he love her. & the one he love is tellin' him it was for money-- lookin' lifeless; he got up & walk backward' replayin' those words " i never loved you " in his mind.]

--- Inside the building

[walkin' as fast as she could, Minta stops & looked back]

Minta: Serves you right.

New: Don't marry Mark; [hugging her]
Minta: I won't as long as you promised me. [touchin' his shirt]
New: Anything. . .
[End of flashback]

Boy: Oh; Minta, Where Mark'ka? [Cee& Boy walkin' up to her]

Minta: Mark? [finally back to reality as if someone controlled her]

Cee: Yes; the wedding cermony is starting right now;

Minta: [looked up at the roof] sorry [started to run out the exit]

Boy: sorry? [looking concerned]

Cee: Oh No.

--- Outside the building
[panics and both of them ran up to the roof; finding no one but pictures; lovely picture&weddingcard all; scattered as if it was unwanted; then there; at the very edge of the roof, you will see how sad he is; so sad the he is willing to end his life]

Boy/Cee: MARK DON'T!

[running toward Mark-but was too late? as he took one step]

Mark: [thinkin' to himself] if there's not a beginning' to love, there shouldn't be an ending- every women is the same.

* Authors notes;i've decide to add in Oh Anuchit as Peck Utatpo

--- England
[Reherseling; one hand holdin' the script, the other hand holdin' her hand, & on one knee]

Peck: Juliet. . . will you go with me?

[turnin' her head & facing his face as he got up on his feet]

Mint: Romeo. . i--i can-t [Mint ringtone went on playin' the
song " Love Love Love by F.T. Island"] Sorry! [grabbin'; her phone&went to the corner]

Mint: Mom?

Amy: it's Amy; Mint you need to come home now

Mint: Why? what's wrong Amy? [soundin' more concerned]

Amy: Da-dad. . [broke into tears] dad died

[tryin' hard not to cry]

Mint: Nee' Don't joke like that; it not fun anymore

Amy: i'm not jokin'. he's really gone

[tears just come through her eyes; droppin' the phone down to the floor & sat down crumbling on her knee]

Amy: hello? hello? Mint are you still there?

[Peck saw her on the ground crumbled up&he went to ask is she was
alright; hugging him tightly]

Mint: Peck; I have to go back. home- to Thailand now

[as she look up to him & he look at her too; he agreees; & for her not to worry as she packed her stuff, give him a hug and left to the airport]

[openin' his eyes as a new born baby]

Boy: Mom, dad- Mark AWAKE [feelin' relieved]

Mr.&Mrs. Ratkrit: Oh God; thank god; thank you [huggin' Mark] what were you think my son? you almost made my heart stop.

Mark: i'm not dead yet?

Cee: [shoutin'] Dead? Seriously; Crazy; lucky that me & Boy saw you or else right know you'll be dead for sure.

Mr.Ratkrit: Why? why my son? did you do that?

[hugging his mom waist; this sweet; boy begans to cry as if a little kid have lost his toy]

Mark: Mom, she doesn't love me-- she never loved me. she lied. minta lied

[Boy,Cee,Mr&Mrs.Ratkrit looked at Mark as if he was drunk; sayin' out his heartbreaks]

---The Beyothae House
Mint: lookin' at this place, once a beauty have lived, now the beauty is gone- the world is so colorless.

[resayin' these line to herself; when she got to the front porch; lookin' up] Mama's Blue Daisy; [lookin around; she saw her mom sitting by the tree as she slowly when up to her mom&cover her eyes]

Mrs. Beyothae: Krai? Amy? Minta? Margie?
[slowly letting go; and Mrs.Beyothae looked up; in shock she hugged Mint] Oh God. Mint mom missed you

Mint: i missed you too along with, Margie,Minta,Amy,&Dad [begins to stumble] that, he's in a better place now.

Mrs.Beyothae: Yes. [not knowin' what to say] Mint' let go inside your sister missed you dearly.

[going inside the house; nothing change; except everyone got prettier & there any empty space inside Mint heart; unpacking her stuff; talkin' about England. and all, she finally notice]

Mint: Where is Minta? (silence) oh; i forgot she got married.

Amy: Minta didn't get married.

[lookin' more surprised than every; Margie told the whole story; & how they were in debt 10 million, & how Minta is never home-- not knowing how to pay the money; Mint came up wih an idea as she went to her room&came back with a bag]

Mint; Here; [handing it to Margie & went back to sit]

Margie: What is it?

Mint; Money that i saved; we can used this to open a bake shop;

Amy: that right, mom can make thai dessert; Mint can make england cookies; i can make cake; & you can make tea;&drinks

Mrs.Beyothae: that sounds good

[Margie hugged them}

Margie: Dad; please help us with goodluck;


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sarNie Hatchling
this is interesting. I hope Mark man's up lol
it's sad that their dad's dead T_T
can't wait for more :D


Expired Sarnie
Are the girls sisters? I find it a little bit disturbing lol maybe cause I would never date my sister's boyfriend's brother ahahah. But beside that, I'm enjoying Mark part (I'm bias) lol


sarNie Hatchling
Chapter 2
Meetin' for the first time; you standout the most

1 year later

--- In the Beyothae House
[officially 22 years old; but still felt like a 10 year old. Margie open one eye and look at her clock]
Margie: 10:00 am? huh still got 2 more hour [went back to sleep until both her eye strike open] 10:00am?! I'M LATE. [getting up & running to the bathroom as if the first one there win a big donunt; lookin' at her watch Mint sigh]

Mint: she's late again? huh

Amy: [laughin'] i guess so; haha

Mrs. Beyothae: [laughin' a little] why did you guy wake her up early?

[just as Margie came down, Minta came home & wish Margie happy birthday]

Margie: Thank you

Mrs.Beyothae: Minta., Daughter where have you been?

Minta: OWHE. Mom i've been to Hua Hin for only 2 month! i'm tired i'm going to sleep. [not thinkin' how her words will her her moms feelin']

Mint: NVM, Mom it okay; maybe Minta is tired; let's go before
were late. [lockin' the gate; they left to the bake shop]

--- Talkshow
Talkshow: Sawdeeka; today we have a special guest ka' it's Mrs. Ratkrit [clapping]

Mrs.Ratkrit: Sawdeeka

Talkshow: So; Mrs. Ratkrit; we've heard that you like korean
songs right?

Mrs.Ratkrit: [laughin'] chai ka'. My favorite are F.T. Island; 2PM, 2AM, Dongbangski; Shinee; MBLAQ; & Supper Junior' ka, i like alot.

Talkshow: Really? [gigglin' along] Weel, we like to ask you one more question; we heard that you have plan set for your sons? may we know what they are? [leanin' closer to Mrs.Ratkrit]

Mrs.Ratkrit: Yes; i do; it's. . . its [as the talkshow get closer & closer to hear this] it's BLIND DATES ka'

[Over there feet]

Talkshow: BLIND DATES?

--- The Ratkrit Home
[From the top of their lungs]

Boy/Cee/Mark: NO!

Mrs.Ratkrit: Why?

Boy/Cee: i have a woman [hand on their hips]

Marks: there all the same [foldin' his arm]

Mrs.Ratkrit: Oh; my son those are the most lamest excuse; i've ever heard. well suit you well; if i dont get to hold a grandchild by next year. . this what's gonna happen

[pulling a paper from her purse 5 feet long from the top of her son's head to her feet & started reading it; not even 1/4th done they interupts]

Boy/Cee/Mark: STOP! [putting their 6 hands in different directions]

Mark: Will? [doing the eye]

Boy: Live out? [pointing out the door]

Cee; Are you kidding, my mom?

Boy: Fine! [hands in pocket] we all agree [lookin' at them]

Mark: But you must promise to NOT get involve. Okay? [pointin his
little finnger to his mom]

Mrs. Ratkrit: Okay. ka' [smile big]

--- At the Shop " Sweet Taste "
[feelin' more energize Margie told her mom that she can drive alone to the monk for blessin' but not trustin' her drivin' skill ask much agree; While Mint&Amy tease her]

Mint: Mom, you know you can't trust Margie with the car right?


Amy: i agree; [playin along]

Mrs.Beyothae: Go, back to work [smiling along]

--- Highway
[green light]---[CRASH]

Margie: OWHE![lookin at the mirror] my head! huh; Who the heck is this person?!
[getting out of her, then it hit her; the biggest scratch she have ever seen in her life other than in lakorn] Oh SHIT. SHIT! i'm going to die; GOSH.[walkin' up to the car & knockin' on the window as hard as she could] nee khun! come out & look at what
you & your car have done to my car!

[comin' out of his car wearin' big sunglasses, she think to herself]

Margie: isn't big sunglasses for woman only?

Guy: Man. Whatt?

Margie: Man? hey i'm not a man, i'm a WOMAN for god's sake can't
you see? [hands on her hips]

Guy: No, i can't se - - [went to walk & take a look at Margie] Well; after lookin' at you for the 2nd time you do look like a woman [teasingly]

[Margie mouth fell out & point at the guy]

Margie: YOU!

Guy: Me. What? [foldin' his arm]

Margie: [calmin down] Bah

Guy: [pointin' back at her] Ehy-ehy, my name is not Bah; it's Boy Ratkirt

Margie: [smiled at Boy] Well, my name is not Man, it's Margie Beyothae

Mark: Mom & Dad, this is my girlfriend Minta Beyothae
[end of flashback]

Margie: Nee-khun, how do you drive? Huh

Boy: Yah; [doing the one eybrow raise] how do you see huh? it was my turn to go.

Margie: [hand on her hips] Huh? your turn? God God God, Khun do you understand what colors are? GREEN means GO, YELLOW means SLOW DOWN, & RED means STOP!

Boy: Wow; Teacher, i've finshed pre-school already [turned to Margie]

Margie: Well; Mr. Goody now that you are done; you have to pay the expenses of my car & hospital

Boy: [lookin confused] Hospital?

Margie: [smilling] yes. because haven't you watch any lakorn at all; if you hit a person & their car get damage, they will get hurt too.[turn around foldin her arm]

Boy: No

[fold his arm, & stuck out he is neck to her as she turns around; hip lips touches her cheek, gentle; in shock they stood there for about a good 30 second & click remove his lips; touchin her cheek]

Margie: what were you doing?! you. . you KISSED MY CHEEK!

Boy: [speechless, and break down the words] it - wa-s - an- an

Margie: [not believing it;] accident huh? [she went up to him; & step on his feet a hard as possible, ran to her car & yelled] That was an accident [and drove off laughin' but howcome she wasn't mad or anything, leavin him there to jump with pain on one feet]

Boy: OWHE! what kind of lady step this hard? she must be transgender [looking around, as his phone ringed; he look & it was View; open his phone] Hello Fang?

View: Tee-Rak; Where are you? i've been waiting for over what 30 min [sound impacient]

Boy: i'm coming wait ok?

View: Alright but hurry up

Boy: ok, man; i'm late too. you trangender i'll bet you back [as
hot as he is, there's no chance that he'll lose to a girl like that, but thinkin' back he smiled] but she's pretty cute;
[walkin' to his car, he steppend on something it was her PHONE] Huh-hah, she stepped on my foot this hard & even lost her cell phone [then ideas pop in his mind like popcorns; he'll surely get back at her and drove his car]

--- At Minta's condo
New: Minta. Let's get marry & go back to England. [huggin her from behind]

Minta: New. . . i don't know; can you give me more time ?

[thinkin' to herself this is bad; i can't marry him]

New: okay. but don't make me wait okay? [givin' her a kiss]

Minta: okay. [faked a smile]

--- At Home
[After making her merits; coming home was hard,it was almost dark she doesn't want anyone to see how badly shape she got the car to; so trying to cover the car up as much as possible]

Mint: Margie, what are you doing? [out in her in her night gown] Oh My GOD, your head; what did you do to it?

Margie: [covering up her head] nothing Mint;

Mint: Nothing? i'm not buying that look. let's go home & put bandage on it [walkin' home] Mom, Amy come & bring the First-aid.

Mrs. Beyothae: what happen Mint?

Amy: oh Gosh, your head [laughin' alittle]

Mrs. Beyothae: Amy. help you sister

[in the house all you can hear; is Margie whinnin' of how much it hurts. along with Mint&Amy giggles then nightfall; it was dark; for Amy getting at night was the saddest part; because she works at the club serving drinks to the VIP guest]

Mrs. Beyothae/Margie/Mint: Becareful na'

Amy: Okay. Margie watch mom and Mint. When Minta comes back tell her to stop going out.

Mint: We will. Be safe.

[closing the door, Amy drove the car off to the club " Party All Night "; in the house after Margie was done taking a bath; she lay on her bad thinkin' about what happen today; as thinkin' she think about that guy Boy Ratkrit; then snaps]
Marige: Wait, why am i thinkin' about a pervert like him; [just giggled to herself]

--- The Ratkrit Family
[Just got out of the shower; towel wraped around his waist, puttin' on his colgnel,shirt & pants and went down stairs]

Cee: Mom & dad; I'm going out tonight don't wait for me

[tryin to find the right key to the right car, as Mrs.Ratkrit got up to him and slap his arm]

Mrs.Ratkrit: if you go; you have to come back when this clock here strikes 9:00 pm or your gonna sleep outside.[ pointing' at the clock]

Cee: Mom, 9:00 pm? it's already 8:00 pm

Mr.Ratkrit: Nvm, Honey; as long as he come back not drunken & puking all over this house. [laughin as Mark & Boy came down addin their own comments]

Cee: Fine; i'll back home at 9:30 pm to prove you & Boy wrong [tugging in his keys]

Mark: sounds like 9:30 am in the morning [teasingly; tryin to get on Cee's nerves]

Cee: Idoits; [laughin] i'm going

[Mark & Boy just laughed while their mom & dad went up stairs and Cee left the house]

Boy: [sigh] I really wonder when he'll find the right girl; and stop datin' View; [foldin' his arm]

Mark: How about you? [half smillin'] when will you dump you faen; & find the right girl?

Boy: I think i found her [walking to the sofa and smiling]

Mark: How? [followin']

Boy: At the highway;

Mark: Highway? [started to laugh]

Boy: Nee; Have you watch lakorn before? [lookin' at Mark] meetin at the highway is good to began love; Na'ek with hate p'ek then meet then fall inlove. Aww such a perfect ending

[laughin & giggling to himself]

Mark; Who-uwe; you daydreamin' too much [laughin along]

Boy: how about you? when will you move on and find the lady of
your life

Mark: [smiled less] maybe next generation [looking down]
Boy: Owu; next generation you might not be this handsome anymore; [putiing his hand on Mark's shoulder] hey; there's plenty of prety girls out in this planet, before you turn 22 you got to have a faen' if not i'll shave all my hair. [started to laugh]

Mark: [look suprised] are you sure? you love your hair more that anything? [laughin loudly]

Boy: Chai Si; Oh hey; does Minta have older or younger sister?

Mark: i don;t know

Boy: [looked even more suprised than ever]; are you kidding me? you date her for one year. and you don't know?

Mark: i only send her outside the door only; she never invited me in. [laughin as Boy go up stairs] where you going]?

Boy: to sleep ofcourse; [whisperin'] I'll find you, Margie Beyothae. you transgender [smiling to hiself]

--- Spolier:0
-in the bathroom; takin' a long shower; he touchesthe scar on his left side, 2inches before his nipple.
- Just standing there watchin' what you called a " LADY " doing a lap dance to what you call a " GENTLEMEN "
- As he trips; his lips touches her; it taste like kiwi strawberry
- fight for a bunch of daisy; she trip; he caught her & she pulled him to her; bth lips touches
- Annyeonghaseyo Mark oppa?
- As she puked all over his clothes she say Mian haeyo as he jumped and asked Quid hōc est?
- she got slapped but he punched

Thanks You for Reading my Fanfic " Mama's Blue Diasy " and please excuse the bad grammer. or speliing mistakes


sarNie Hatchling
Are the girls sisters? I find it a little bit disturbing lol maybe cause I would never date my sister's boyfriend's brother ahahah. But beside that, I'm enjoying Mark part (I'm bias) lol
Lol yes there sisters;
well it kinda of like Her Sister who Dumped Mark doesn;t love him but his money but yeah it wil be told later the story just stay tune; thank alot for readin'; :)


방탄소년단 x Bangtan Sonyeondan x JiTaew
I'm liking it so far. :D
Gosh. I Love Margie & Boy. They're so funny and cute. Love how he already claims Margie as the love of his life already. lol :lolyup:
Gosh. I'm so anxious to read the next chapter. Wonder what is going to happen NEXT! :woot2:
Seems like Boy is up to something.
Give me some :baby-scene-pop-corn: :slapandkissse3: :r-scene-pop-corn: :w-scene-pop-corn: SOON! Especially between Margie & Boy! ROFL :lmao3:
I'm so In love with them both. :coverlaf:
Keep it up! Update Soon! :clap:


sarNie Hatchling
I'm liking it so far. :D
Gosh. I Love Margie & Boy. They're so funny and cute. Love how he already claims Margie as the love of his life already. lol :lolyup:
Gosh. I'm so anxious to read the next chapter. Wonder what is going to happen NEXT! :woot2:
Seems like Boy is up to something.
Give me some :baby-scene-pop-corn: :slapandkissse3: :r-scene-pop-corn: :w-scene-pop-corn: SOON! Especially between Margie & Boy! ROFL :lmao3:
I'm so In love with them both. :coverlaf:
Keep it up! Update Soon! :clap:
Thanks roseloverice; i know i love Boy & Marige
Lol; you made my daay Lol. yup i will; :p
thank you for you lovely feedback&comment :]


sarNie Oldmaid
This ff reminds me of the books I read by Nora Roberts.

"The MacGregor Brides" & "The MacGregor Grooms"

Okay, well I seriously love the Grandma...she's setting up blind dates for her sons and she likes korean music...cute!

Update soon:)


sarNie Oldmaid
that was good, lol. thanks. Boy and Margie is funny.
omg i wonder how mark is gonna fall in love with Mint. When he dated
Mint's sis Minta b4??? HMMM..... i wonder. wud he hate Mint and think she
is the same as her sis Minta??? lol


sarNie Hatchling
* Authors Note: Hey everyone ; how this going? Sorry; i've been busy lately; & yeah this chapter is alittle longer b/c I'm going to Fresno for the whole week to enjoy New year. well, i'm adding another person this chapter: Toey Jarinporn as Toey Ratkrit; i think she's very lovable; so enjoy

Chapter 3
Love; can happen

--- Airplane back to Thailand
[Toey who just recently got back from her studies in Korea; have to ride the same airplane as Peck; a neat guy who also recently got a MA degree on designing' in England; riding the same airplane & sitting together;with sunglasses on & a big blanket covering her; you'll never know; that a beatiful lady; skinny; of how loud she snores; gosh he thought to himself]
Peck: this is going to be a lo-ong ride;
[Just 3 more hours until they reach Thailand; But for Toey it's forever; just sitting by the window & been eating alot of food,she got airplane sick & the next thing you know - she puked on him; making him jumped off his seat yellin.]
Peck: Quid hōc est? [what is this? as he move his shirt further from him]
Toey: [out in shock; not knowin how to react; she couldn't speak french;] Choe-song-ham-ni-da.[as she kept on bowin; as he looked at her & she looked up; aww. he for some minutes stop thinkin about his shirt; until she asked him]
Toey: gwaenchanh-euseyo? Choe-song-ham-ni-da ! [Are you okay? im sorry]
Peck: [tryin' to talk through his amazements] gwaenchanh-ayo; [it's okay]
Toey: [shocked] dangsin-eun hangug-eoleul malhal su? [you can speak korean?]
Peck: [smiled] ye;
[As Toey; lookin at him; thinkin' of how he doesn't look korean; then he excused himself to the bathroom; when he got to the bathroom; takin off his shirt & putting on a new one]
Peck: She's so pretty; but what the heck does she eat man? it smells so strong.
[not wantin' to go outside; he stayed in the bathroom; until his shirt is washed & given to him]

--- At the Club
[Cee just got there; and like everyone says IS CLUBBING YOU LIFE? every girl wanted him; going inside; just one snap; a customer service came straight to him]
Cee: VIP please; Vokado
Worker: Yes; please this way [snap his finger as Cee went first] Amy; he's our special VIP guest treat him well; vokado
Amy: Okay ka' [grabbing a bottle of vokado; she follow Cee to the VIP]
[Standing there as if he didn't see her & watchin these what you called " Lady " doing a lap dance to what you called a " GENTLEMEN " saying to herself gentle; so he wouln;t hear; then he snaps his finger and Amy got up; opening the bottle of vokado ; without lookin' the lady doing the lap dance bump her hand to the bottle of vokado; making it to fall off Amy's hand. Pourin the whole bottle on Cee & the laplady. Pushing the lady off him]
Amy: Sorry! I'm very sorry [bowing back & forth]
Cee: Sorry? Do you kno- [stops as she looks up & wow he stared at her as if he never saw anyone pretty like her]
Amy: i'm sorry. are you okay?
Cee: Yess- yes. i'm okay. are you okay? [went to hold her hand]
LapLady: Nee- E-bah; He's okay but i am not! [turn Amy around & slaped her]
Amy: E-bah? your the b----- ![slaps her back; in the club was chaos; but don't worry Amy sure beat the lady down] before you call anybody a b----; look at yourself first[ [walkin' away]
Laplady: Whore; [pushes Amy toward the stairs; lucky Cee pulled her back; but it wasn't a good position, Cee triped on the table & feel on top of Amy; & to wow him even more; there lips touches ; it tastes like strawberry, but then he realize]
Cee: oh crap; i'm on top of her [and got off her as; she stood; you can Cee wasn't prepared for anything; & got slapped hard on the cheek; not knowing how to react to this-this heart race; the manager came & asked them to all go to the office; Cee was first, but when he came out his just smiled; as Amy went in; there was a big crash]
Amy: FIRED? how can you do that? she started this first; ! [pointin at the door]
Boss: Amy; it not like that; it the boy outside; he's Cee Ratkrit; if i don't fire you; he said he would tear my buildin' down; i can't let that happen; [whisperin to Amy]
Amy: i understand; thank you;
[going outside wasn't an easy thing; she have to count to ten; & open the door; as the laplady just laugh & Cee; have a big smilled on; she walked away but then turn back; going straight to Cee; giving him a smile; she punched him right off the bat; owh. it hurts]
Amy: it for a person like you! [as she exit the door]
Cee: Person like me? Nee; stop right there [as he ran after her; she got inside her car & drove off; Cee doesn't even know her name; or where she live. Walkin back & forth out in the parkin lot he got an idea; he went to talk to the boss about her? where she live? Married or not? have kid? and many more; after he was done he drove back home]
Cee: Amy Beyothae?
Cee: What's your girlfriend name?
Mark: Minta Beyothae
[end of flashback]

[thinkin about it; his phone rangs; it Fang]
Cee: Hello Fang
Fang: Love; how come you never call me anymore; ?
Cee: sorry i was busy; [lying to her]
Fang: Really? Humph; can you go shopping with me tomorrow?
Cee: i don't know i have to go work
Fang: Your so mean. fine i'll come see you tomorrow [closing her phone]
Cee: Fang- you don't. . . Fang? Gosh hang up again huh? [drivin home']

--- Next Morning
[In his bathroom;taking his sweet time; he washes his body; and there he touches his scar on left hand side; 2 inches before his nipple]
Doctor: As of the result your son is okay; but because of his cut on his left side was cut too deep; it may stay there as a scar forever.
[end of flashback]

[getting out of the bathtub with a towel wrapped around his waist; looked at the big mirror]
Mark: scar forever? huh; [grabbing Minta's picture frame] Minta. . you will learn of how much you hurted me [putting the picture face down, so he wouldn't see her face; getting dress Mark went down to have breakfast; as eatting breakfast Mrs.Ratkrit; notice something was wrong Cee; everytime he take a bite of his food; he would; flinch; but didn't bother to ask; after breakfast; Cee was so anxious to ask Mark the same question that Boy ask yesterday; but it was the same answer inreturn; drinking' coffee; there was a phone call for Mark]
Mark: Hello, it Mark Ratkrit talkin'
Toey: Annyeonghaseyo. Mark oppa'
Mark: Toey? [smiled in shocked]
Toey: Yes; i miss you so much. come and pick me up; at the airport.
Mark: your back already? [as Boy & Cee listened tryin' to grab the phone from Mark]
Toey: Uh-hum [smiled] hey im going to get my bag. i'll see you guy later.
Mark: Okay; [endin the phone] Toey. is . . BACK
Cee/Boy: Reallly? Wow final after what 5 years in Korea [doing high 5]
Mark: i'm going to pick her up right now; you guy want to go? [grabbing his key from the counter]
Boy: [volunteering himself] i'll go
Cee: [lookin side way] i can't i told Fang i was gonna work today. & if i don't go i'll be dead
Mark: [sigh] goodluck; Cassanova
[as Boy & Mark left; Cee was thinking]
Cee: Amy Beyothae; i wonder if i'll meet you again.

* Author's note: ok so these two scene are actually happening at the same time but different places

--- At the Beyothae House
[Margie got a letter of the job she applied for at BSweetheart and they've accepted her; as happy as she is; she notice Amy have a big bruise on her knee; and asked her ; saying that; it was nothing until she have flashback of Cee kissing her then she spoiled it]
Amy: Crazy GUY!
Mint: Crazy guy? huh Who is he? [adding her comment as coming down stairs]
Margie: i know; who is he; Mae; don't even lie [teasing Amy non-stop she finally tell everything]
Mint/Margie: Kiss. [makin' the sweet face] Aww. naruk [as they smiled; but was ruined when Minta came down stairs]
Minta: Hey; Margie can you cook something to eat?
Margie: Eat? it's already 9:30 am; [lookin at the clock]
Mint: Minta when will you stop going out every night?
Minta: Nee; Mint when did you become my mom? Mother doesn't even say anything [lookin at Mint]
Mint: Mom doesn't say anything because she doesn't want to talk to someone who is hard to talk with [part yellin]
Minta: [lookin away] Where is mom?
Amy: i know i haven't seen mom since this morning [lookin around]
Margie: Mom left to Chiang Mai yesterday night; she's going for about 3-5 month to clear her mind.
[after that Minta went to her room & packed her stuff & came down; stoped by Margie; Minta told her she doesn't want to stay; & is going to Pattaya, since no one can stop her she left; leavin the house & going to the shop Mint cellphone ringed palying "why did i fall in love by DBSK"]
Mint: Hello; Mint Beyothae ka'
Peck: Bonjour ma belle
Mint: Peck! Nee; your french got better; [surpirised]
Peck: Really? i miss you beautiful; well do the honor & come pick your dear friend from the airport? [smiling]
Mint: Right now? [lookin around]
Peck: uh-huh; hey. i'll seee you later . my luggage is comiing byebye
Mint: okay bye. [turned around then she notice Margie & Amy up listen to her whole conversation; askin who it was; Mint told them it was Peck & that he is here in Thailand & if they want to go; Margie went; but Amy didn't she stay to help watch the shop; time never flys fast; & fate never let go of soulmates; Toey & Peck meet again; carring both there luggages, butt to butt bumps making Toey to fly off alittle to the ground]
Peck: désolé [sorry; as he help her up; then he notice it was the same girl who threw up on him and yelled] nee khun.
Toey: You! you can speak thai [shockingly she got up]
Peck: right. I can speak thai; i'm thai. you?
Toey: Me what? [putting her face infront of his]
[covering his mouth; he just laughed] What are you laughing at?
Peck: Nothing; i was wondering why such a cute lady like you; puked out such strong aroma; do you ever brush you teeth? [gigglin']
Toey: Aroma? [half her mouth flew open] okay; i do brush my TEETH [step on his feet & grabbed the bag which she thought was her's but actually it was Peck; holding his feet; he smiled; grabbed the other bag & left to find Mint; for Mint & Margie and Mark & Boy; they went seperate way, but Mint & Mark forgot to buy flower so they left to get flower at the flower shop; Mint leavin Margie to find the door & for Boy to do the same.]

--- Flower Shop " Sweet Scent "
[Looking at the flowers; the one with all white except one blue colored daisy; was being grabbed by two different people; as they looked at each other. Mint on the other hand thought he would let go of it; because in most of the lakorn she've watched p'ek alway let it for n'ek to have the flower or whatever; but no. Pulling the flower to herself more]
Mint: Hey- i got this flower first; you can get another one [lookin at the other flowers; pulling her & the flower closer to him]
Mark: who said you got it first? my eye's land on it before you did.
Mint: [doing the sarcastic look] your eyes? Wow-how can your eyes land on it first? Huh! the 1st thing that you should have saw was the shop label outside [pointing outside, to the door. Dumb enough he looked out the door and Mint was able to snatch it from him] Loser [she giggled & quickly went to the cashier to pay for it; as Mark ran after her]
Mark: Nee khun! you lie [pointin' at her]
Mint: [sticking out her tongue] i didn't tell you to look at it at; you look at your own free will; and i got the flower. [handing the money to the cashier] Thank you.
[walking out as Mark pulled her]
Mark: Wait [but of her high-heel, she trips pulling his vest. Caughting her on time w/ her eye's tightly shut; for her not to notice that Mark's lips was pressing againist hers. For one fact: Mark haven't kissed anyone after his break-up with Minta and it taste different, bit of sweet and sour mixed together but when her eye's went open, it tastes different, using one hand she pushes him & punched the sweet face of his]
Mint: Pervert! [wiping her mouth & walkin' out leavin Mark by himself. While everyone just stares]
Mark: Sorry; my girlfriend, isn't feelin well [picking a bunch a yellow roses & going to the cashier, putting on his sunglasses, he left with the roses, feelin embaressed] I'll find you for sure.

--- Airport Door
[Lookin at the big screen on top of each door, also walkin backward, she bumps into someone-his scent smells familar turning around, she pointed at him]
Margie: You! again? the crazy guy
Boy: [not looking as shockingly as Margie is; like he wanted to meet her again] Oh; you transgender.
Margie: Transgender?
Boy: Oh; it means your a guy trans to a woman[lookin at her body]
Margie: Bah! i know what it means. [as he just smiled] oh; transgender huh? [she was going to step on his feet, this time he moved it on time; using his one finger moving it from side to side]
Boy: Nae-nae; i already know you next move; your gonna take out you manly fist & punch me; am i right? [grabbing her hand, pulling her closer to him; she trys to struggle, but couldn't]
Margie: Are you going to let me go?
Boy: Nope [enjoying the time]
[letting go of her AFAP, lookin around; here her chance she corndog his little brother, making him go down on his knee, in which he have never had]
Boy: [trying to talk through all those pain] Nee; - - khun. why do you have to kick that hard?
Margie: [arm folded] because. . you deserve it, Khun - - Bot Ratkrit. [walking away as she smiled lightly to herslef, Boy isn;t going to lose this time; he grabbed her hand & pulled her down to where he was; to where there eyes are locked tightly to each other, & he stares at her brown eyes; down to those pumps lip of her. He leaned closer, wanting to kiss her, for the first time of his life he actually wanted to kiss somebody, but he was too slow- Marige snaps out of it, pushes him even further] Pervert! [as she got up on both feet leavin him to smile]
Boy: She's so pretty up close [Mark saw Boy on the floor, going to Boy; asking him. why he was on the ground, but smiling was just returned. then finally he snap wide awake. Lookin' at Mark] your back? Ahw, help me you , would you? [with little smiles, Mark help Boy up; feelin excited that Toey is back. As for Mint she finally found Margie at the door;]
Mint: Where have you been? i try calling you a couples of time. [lookin at her flowers]
Margie: i've been looking for the door, phone? oh i've losted it a couple of days ago, Wow [looking at the flowers] it so pretty
Mint: i know [handing it to Margie] i even have to fight with a guy to get this flower,
Margie: Really? [lookin at the flower; she notice that Mint kiwi lipgoss was smugde on her side lips] Mint what did you do? your lip-goss is smugde [taking out her cellphone; she looked; it was really smugde; and wiped it off, while talking about the flower, Mark & Boy also stood at the same door; Boy notice that Margie was waiting at the same door with another lady, then Mark saw Mint and point at her]
Mark: Hey, do you know her? the one wearin high heel?
Boy: no, i was about to ask you if you know the one wearing the All Star shoe? nee- - she was the girl who kicked me early & the other day when i asked if Minta have sisters
Mark: Oh [lookin at Boy] Do you like her?
Boy: [without thinkin' he answered] Ofcourse, i like her. . . OHWE! no way i don't like her;
Mark: your right; don;t even think about lying. [smilling; Boy saw lipgloss smugdes on Mark lips]
Boy: Ehy. ? who did you kiss? look at yourself, i can still see the lipgloss stain. my little brother [shock waves being sent; he took out his ceelphone & wiping it off]
Mark: it's smoothie
Boy: yeah right'
[coming out of the door; she ran up & hugged him]
Mint: Peck; your finally here.
Peck: Hello Beautiful; [huggin her back & then hugged Margie] haven't seen you for what a couple of years; & you are still beautiful [he smiled & she smiled back]
Margie: Really? thank you
Peck: Where's your mom? Minta? and Amy?
[seeing Margie hug someone else made Boy's jealousy growing bigger but as Toey came]
Toey: Mark oppa. here! [as she ran & hugged Mark] oh Boy oppa also got handsomer
Mark: & you got shorter [tapping on her head, Toey notice that Boy wasn't paying attention & look at him then the direction he was looking at; and it was the guy she puked on early]
Toey: Oppa; are you lookin at that guy?
Boy: yes; [whispering] why does she have to hug him that tight?
Toey: that means. . oppa. . your . . GAY?!
Boy: A-lia? I'm NOT gay! [lookin at Toey but as he looked up everyone stares, and Margie. Mint & Peck was already gone, leanin' closer to Toey] do you know him?
[shakin her head, but then say she does alittle. Tellin the whole story; Mark & Boy laughed throughout the day, while Peck did the same; getting home Peck visted Amy; Toey pay respect to her parents & night falls]

--- Toey's Night
[echoing throughout the whole house, Boy & Mark came into the room to if anything was wrong & saw her holdin a boxer; with laughter she told them she got the wrong bag & that he must have gotten her bag]

--- Peck's Condo & Toey's House
Peck: What is this? [holdin a pink lavender bra] Owhe! that small lady must have gotten my bag. What do i do? i dont have to clothes to change to? [then he realized that this is great; because if she wants her stuff back she'll come & look for him as he zip the zipper but saw the the bag have a tag] Name: Toey Ratkrit; Phone: 903-1020; Address: B Street, 10510 Ave. Toey? huh pretty name just like herself. [as for Toey]
Toey: Name: Peck Utopho; Phone: 709-1251; Address: Magistic Hotel, Story 3, RM#: 362- - Huh. a guy like that live in a 3 story hotel? e-lia [sticking her tongue out] Well; if you want yours bag. you gotta find me; Loser [smiled]

* no spoliers :[