Manee Ah Chaah


sarNie Adult
I remember it. Mani Ahcha its about the pra ake that turn into a horse. The pra ake that turn into a horse believe it or not he use to be in ch7 but he switch to ch3. He was the original singhagraipope pra ake in the old old version. He didnt last long in ch7 though he made about like 2 ch7 lakorn puenban then left to channel 3. Anyway Mani Ahcha died at the end but god give him a second chance lol.


sarNie Hatchling
this is a very old lakorn... i think i still have it in vhs... but haven't watched it in a while.... i have to say it was one of my fav's when i was young... anyways, the storyline goes sorta like... well, there's 2 p'ek and 2 n'ek... and one p'ek is human and the other, mani acha, is a horse... he belonged to the human p'ek... somehow, i forgot... but god saw his kindness and gave him the power to turn himself into human whenever he want... well, they became human friends as well as horse and owner... the human p'ek fell in love with the giant daughter and mani acha fell in love with a human princess... there were a couple obstacles... and mani acha, the human, being a great friend of the human p'ek, helps him with his troubles a lot... anyways, he died at the end... but god gave him a second chance and made him permanently human... if i can remember, he also played nyung-tong (gold-silver) and i think his nang ek was the girl from mat sa ya...

anyways, i still think it was a good lakorn... very old, though...