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Hey Gals,

So, when i get my period every month, it usually starts out heavy and stays heavy for like a day or two. After the 3rd day it will slow down and evetually go away by the 4th day.

My concerns are , there are months where my period comes very slow. What I mean by this is, the flow of my period is very so that it takes at least a week and a half (sometimes close to 2 weeks) for my period to end. (again my period only last up to 4 days the most so a whole week or 2 is very long for me).

Why is this happening?

Anyone who experience the same problem, please let me know why this is so.

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I had that problem last year. I usually have periods that last 3 days but suddenly I had a period that lasted a week. I think it's my eating habits, if I eat lots of vegetables and healthy stuff my period lasts 3 days. But if I eat a lot of junk it lasts a week. Now if it's nearing to my period I drink V8 and lots of water, it has helped me lots.


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sometimes your flow is different every now and then
which is normal. It not just due to our eating habits, sleep and activity,
how active we are..but also it's due to stress.


Yes, It really depends on your mood and how much you eat or what you eat, don't eat too much sweets, make sure to get enough excercise and drink enough water. That will help.