Mo Monchanok is a Beauty at Events [2/23/16 - 2/25/16]


——— MOSU ——— Masu ❤ Mo
Sorry I Love You press conference (2/23/16)

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Wee Brand collection showcase (2/24/16)

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FABLAB store opening (2/25/16)


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Mo just keeps getting more and more beautiful.  :heart: The black and white outfit is my favorite. There, she reminds me heavily of a young Aom. The resemblance is striking. I love the contrast of dark black and bright white in her outfit in combination with the bold red lips and Mo's milky white skin. It's stunning, chic and fierce. The top hugs onto her torso tightly, revealing her petite curves and hips, and the flare of the pants creates an illusion of longer legs.
The purple outfit is my second favorite. It's cute and innocent, but also playful and flirty. The light purple satin complements Mo's skin tone and the pink lip color adds to the girly look.
Mo has been killing it these past three days. I hope to see her styled more often like this in her upcoming and future projects. THIS is the beautiful and elegant Mo that I know behind all the tough girl roles, tomboy clothes, and plain makeup and hairstyles in her lakorns (and even outside her lakorns since she's a tomboy in real life). Some may say Mo is too plain looking and not pretty enough to be nang'ek, but I beg to differ. Mo is an undiscovered and underrated beauty and I hope she gets many more chances to showcase it, both in her lakorns and outside of her lakorns.