Momma's Boys


sarNie Adult
This show is a riot.
I normally don't like reality shows but this is pretty entertaining, one mom is just out there looney.
The guys aren't bad looking. The firefighter and hockey player are good looking but there's one goofy looking guy that reminds me of the main guy from American Pie.


Professional Lakorn Watcher
I want "Average Joe" to return to NBC. That was the most interesting reality dating show, but at the end.. the girl ends up choosing the Non Average Joes.


i've only watched the 1st ep. man. that one dude's mom is getting some hate from most of the girls! :lol: there's one girl who i think is really cute. i wonder if she's still there. :huh: she's the penthouse playmate or something like that.

what day is this on?


sarNie Hatchling
Saw some of this. Wasn't into it, but I did saw that one guy can't seem to keep his hands off of that blond girl. His mom doesn't like her, but he has different plan in his mind. :lol: