Most handsome Indian actor?


How about this: who do you guys think are the most handsome Indian actors? I personally don't find many Indian actors that handsome, but I do have a few.

In no order:

Hrithik Roshan: When I first saw him in Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham, I was like "Wow, this man is gorgeous: body, face, and acting!"

Jatin Garewal: He was really handsome in Rahul, I wonder what happened to him?

John Abraham: This guy's got some charming features; I really liked his cool character in Karam.

Kumar Gaurav: How can I forget my first crush? He was the very first Indian actor that stole my heart, but that was when he was still young...not so much now haha. He's a pretty boy.

Shahrukh Khan: Many don't think he's good looking because of his crazy eye brows, but I personally think he's quite handsome. Perhaps the most handsome of his generation.

Apoorva Agnihotri: He's handsome to me. He looks like a Thai actor hehe.

Salman Khan: Back in the '90s he was handsome, not so much anymore.

Vivan Bhatena: I don't really know him, but I think he's pretty cute. Sometimes he looks cute, sometimes he don't.

Aamir Khan: Can't forget how cute he was in Tum Mere Ho! He's one of my favorite actors too. I like him better than Salman hehe.

So, what are yours??


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Ok, I have to say I'm crazy about Barun Sobti!! He is handsome and more... He has the complete package...handsome, talented and has a great personality!

Barun Sobti as Arnav Singh Raizada in "Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon?" (What shall I call this love?)
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I find myself more attracted to Indian tv actors...especially Barun Sobti and Karan Tacker!!! They are hotness, husband material, successful, etc....

Bollywood actors... I love Shahid Kapoor--he's such a hottie and I loved his character in Vivah... I've always been a fan of Arjun Rampal since Dil Ka Rishta... I do like Hritik Roshan as well.. And I've grown to appreciate Shakrukh Khan--I didn't like him when he was younger...but I do like him now and think he's better looking now....


My very first Indian crush was Aamir Khan frm Tum Mere Ho - he was so cute! Now, Shahrukh, Salman, and Arjun ALL THE WAY!!


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Barun has a mixture of John Abraham + Hrithik ... along with his acting .. so he's always a plus for me ... sadly, he's not that great of a dancer like king khan though :wub: i also like salman like khushi and respect Aamir's master craft as well ..

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sarNie Hatchling
Great topic. I planned to open one, but somehow never did. lol
Personally speaking, Indian men generally not that great looking but they have some of the finest looking actor in the world.

I have many lol

Shahiddddd such a cute handsome guy, look very sexy in stubble

Hrithik Roshan ohhh lala

John Abraham so sexy and hot

Arjun Rampal beautiful man very model material

Dino Morea super model turn actor

Vivek Oberoi

Kunal Khemu he looks asian to me kinda like southeast asian



sarNie Hatchling

Imran Khan Very Cute (Aamir Khan's nephew) one of the brightest young star

Ranbir Kapoor not that attractive, but he has the charm. He's the most popular young star and very talented. (Rishi Kapoor son)

Ranvir Singh

Nakhul Mehta Damn this guy is hella fine loooove his eyes He's a currently a tv star on starplus channel

Ruslaan Mumtaz He sooo cute

Muzamil Ibraham One of the hottest model turn actor

Shiny Ahuja One of the best looking indian guy, looks very white but full Indian w/ Kashmiri background sad he has a rape case trial on going

Neil Nitin Mukesh Another cute Indian looks like white could easily pass on as a White guy

More to come later


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OMG! I forgot about IMRAAN .. i love him. Did you know he was born in Wisconsin :wub: (Yup, i'm from there too)


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Bollywood is ruled by the Khan and 40 plus actors. They are pretty old now but they still maintain their look well.

Shahrukh Khan I find Srk looks better than in his younger days

Salman Khan He was better looking in his younger days, the hottest back in the days, but still look good for his age

Aamir Khan was the cutest in the early 90s still rocking in his late 40s

Saif Ali Khan Another popular Khan he's cute when he acts funny and hot in his intense rugged look

Akshay Kumar Not a Khan, but a very successful actor and look good for his age



sarNie Hatchling
Emraan Hashmi He's known as the serial kisser and bad boy; love this look of him and his puppy eyes

Zayed Khan Cute actor

Randeep Hood Hot and very underrated as an actor

Rajeev Khandewala A successful tv actor turn bollywood actor he's a good actor

Varun Dhawan/Siddharth Malhotra New actors ( Hot and handsome)



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Now on tv stars: TV stars are alot younger and many good looking guys as well

Karan Singh Grover

Karan Tacker

Barun Sobit

Vivien DSena

Mohit Segal

Gurmeet Choudhary



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More tv stars:

Anas Rashid (Very handsome love his smile)

Apoorva Agnihotri He was seen in movies first. He's perhaps the most handsome Indian tv star, kinda remind me of Tom Cruise

Harshad Chopra I like him a lot

Karan Wahi

Rakesh Bhapat (love him in this look)

Arjun Bijlani He's good looking, kinda remind me of international soccer player Ronaldo

This is all I can think of, maybe more. Sorri for spamming, they all attractive in different ways.


^^ Hey, the more the merrier!
The new actor you mentioned, Siddharth Malhotra, is pretty hot and handsome to me. There's something about him that attracts me.
Also that guy named Emraan Hashmi reminds me of Ryan Gosling haha, although I'm not necessarily attracted to them hehe.


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phatman said:
Also that guy named Emraan Hashmi reminds me of Ryan Gosling haha, although I'm not necessarily attracted to them hehe.
WTF no way Emraan and Ryan dont have any similarity. I know different opinions, but they never remind me of each other.
Emraan looks more like Colin Farrell and Ryan looks more like Ranbir.