[Movie] Finding Dory


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I took my little sister out tonight to catch this .. and it was so sad --- well, the beginning part. The girl who dubbed Dory got me all emotional sounding so lost *sniff* I can't imagine being a mom and losing a child like her ... it's going to be so hard to take in especially knowing that she will have a hard time trying to find her way back.

Anyway, if you haven't seen it yet ... then take your niece/nephew or kids to watch it. It's really good and funny!



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I just watched this film earlier with my friend... it got me teary-eyed lol. I definitely loved and enjoyed the film <3<3<3 I personally thought it was a great sequel.


During the initial release, it was packed so we caught a late show and surprisingly it was still a housefull. It was mainly adults there versus kids lol. Anyways, I enjoyed it a lot. Little Dory was just so cute!