[Movie] I Am What I Am - Superboy 2013 Documentary Movie


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Ok, I didn't really follow the show much when it was on but did come to know many of the contestants like the winner Hua Chenyu and 2nd place Ou Hao as well as some others. I totally did not realize that Alan Yu (the actor who played 9th Prince/Jiu Wang in the hit drama Go Princess Go was also a contestant that year as well as the previous 2010 one) hehe :3. After seeing this documentary it made me realize how sad and tiresome it can be to be on these sorts of survival shows. The boys literally changed and grew up in like the 3 months span whether it is in terms of look transformation or character.

This particular scene from the documentary touched me when the boys went volunteering to care for orphaned kids, Hua Chenyu said, "How come kids are always happy? It's because they take this life as it is. I think that's supposed to be our human nature but sadly we keep "learning" since we came to this world. Learning to live for money to live to work hard. This is brainwashing to get us institutionalized. ......... Not that I have changed but rather everyone has and I'm the one who hasn't."

Towards the end, I forgot if it was Ou Hao or Chenyu who mentioned this but.. he said something along the line of having to use as much of their available time to prove and get a strong foothold in the industry because people will always be attracted to someone new in the end. Sadly I have to admit that this is rather true. :(

I literally grew to admire each contestant, even if they had such little time featured. Sadly there can be only one winner, but many are winners in others' hearts. I simply wish them all best in life and their future careers.

Y'all can check it out here :)

It's pretty crazy.. I don't even watch these types of survival shows (like the American ones) but this one definitely catches my eyes. Then again, I realize that most of the singers or actors I come to like in China usually came out from these shows: Superboys and My Hero .. such as Jing Boran, Kimi Qiao, Li Yi Feng, Chen Xiang.. etc. :p