[Movie] Invade Hollywood


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Thanks to avirtualvoyage for the news.
Huang Xiao Ming & Vicki Zhao Wei are FINALLY in a movie together after so long!!!  Tong Da Wei is also casted in here, but not to be mean, I can careless since helloooo~~~ it's Ming & Vicki here!  If y'all didn't know, they were best buddies along w/ Chen Kun when they were in the Beijing Academy... and *coughcough* Ming had a rush on Vicki then too... hoohoohoo.  Anyways, I'm just excited that they're finally in a movie after so long~~~~  Hopefully they'll have more projects in the future too.  Just some wishful thinking :)
Not much is known yet about the movie, but it seems to be along the lines of Chinese people making it big in America :)