[Movie] Live Action Little Mermaid (Disney) : Halle Bailey


sarNie Oldmaid
OMG.....Disney have cast Halle as Ariel. Congrats to her :clap:

What ya think? Is it good or bad casting. Will the hold cast be black? I know Melissa McCarthy is in talk of playing Ursula but beside her being white, will Prince Eric and Ariel father, and her sisters be an all black case or will Disney do a mix cast?

Here my two cent: Don't hate on me. I'm just express my feel how I feel about this...

For me, I'm disappoint. I grew up with the little Mermaid and been such a fairy tell person. Love reading all about mermaid stories growing up. I never read or hear about black mermaid fairy stories. I think that the one thing that got me. I know Asian have their own fairy tell stories of mermaid and Europe. I know Disney little mermaid take place in the Caribbean but for me I'm just to disappoint why didn't Disney cast Asian person at less. Now it seem like black people are getting the Lion King and the little Mermaid. I hope Disney cast an Asian guy for Prince Eric role.....:p


sarNie Rebel
I'm a bit disappointed as well. From the live action Mulan to now The Little Mermaid, Disney has made so many changes from both original animated movies. I kind of wished they would follow the animated movie with a few tweaks here and there. But if they were going to make such a change I would love to see the original story of The Little Mermaid be made into a live action film.


sarNie Rebel
I would like to see an asian prince too. It would remind me of that one past remake of Cinderella with Brandy. Too bad that I'm not really feeling Harry as Prince Eric.