[Movie] Moana


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My little sister came to visit me this weekend and we watched this together ... the movie resonate so well. The granny reminds me of my grandma and the bonds we had and the struggle of a woman who wants to do things out of the norm, yet, still maintain tradition (at heart). Have to admit I cried a little -- the movie touches that sensitive side of me such as self, family, and friend.

Anyway, if you have not seen it yet -- give it a try. It'll make you laugh and cry ... a little if you're sensitive to such topic as self discovery, doing things outside of expectation, and being a 'woman' overall.

The song in many other languages:
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Funny I watched this with my siblings this past weekend too. Loved it! I know what you mean. @ Cecilia Khang. :crybaby2:


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I like these songs as well ... relate to the life of the Hmong people!

This part gave me chills ...


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I watched this movie when it came out and ended up going to watch it again when they released a 3-4 day Sing-along version at the theater. lol I absolutely love it, though it's not my #1 favorite. I really like the songs and how it was directed/made. The quality is good and the drawing is great, absolutely beautiful.