[Movie] Once Upon a Time (Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms)


sarNie Hatchling
Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms also known as Eternal Love has just recently ended last month
and now they are already releasing a movie version of this series!:)
I can't wait because ofcourse~ the pretty face Yang Yang will be playing as
Ye Hua/Mo Yan and the Charming Liu Yifei will be playing as Bai Qian/Su Su.
It should be airing this Summer on July 21st 2017 according to Wikepedia.

The Beautiful Trailer:

Press Conference:

Movie Posters:

(Photo Credit to Koalasplayground)

Character Posters:
I love their costumes in this one!! But I wouldn't judge their acting to the long series, until I see this 2 hour long movie. :icon12::)

Yang Yang as Ye Hua/Mo Yan

Crystal Liu as Bai Qian/Su Su

Little Rice Ball

Gu Xuan as Xuan Nu

Yan Yi Kuan as Qing Xang

Luo Jin as Zhe Yan

Li Chun as Su Jin

( Above Photo Credit to Koalasplayground)

(Above Photo Credit to Koalasplayground)

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sarNie Egg
I really love the drama version especially Mark Chao. I know Liu YiFei can probably pull it off as Bai Qian/Su Su, however Yang Yang, I don't really like his acting in his other dramas. Anyway, I also can't wait for the movie version just because I love this story so much and Mark Chao played Ye Hua/Mo Huan so perfectly it's insane.


sarNie Hatchling
Really, the only time I watched Yang Yang was in "The Four",
which I thought he portrayed his character well.:icon12: Other than that I just never watch his other movies or dramas too.
I am expecting an improvement though, since the trailer looks quite amazing. :)
But who knows movies and dramas don't ever feel the same with different actors
and actresses portraying the same characters.


All the characters look good in here! Hope the movie will be superb! :)

eb kaimin

sarNie Juvenile
have done watching drama version recently..really loved it!! :love:
cant wait to watch movie version.wonder how they make a movie despite many eps of drama ver.:confused12:


sarNie Hatchling
According to Dramapanda, the release date of this movie has been pushed back to August instead of July!
It will release in China on the 4th of August and then, release in USA on the 11th of August.
There is also news that it will hit the Theatres of USA with English Subtitles because a US Ent. bought the rights of the movies to release it in the theatre.
Very interesting! I wondering which theatres though?!

Read more Here and Here.

Two more posters were released:

Photo Credits to DramaPanda.


sarNie Granny
cant' wait to see the movie version !