[Movie] Tangled (2010)


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I finally watched Tangled last weekend. After I finished watching it, I was thinking why didn't I watch it much earlier before o_O because it was a very enjoyable movie! There were good life lessons from it that I noticed. Baby Rapunzel is so adorable and little/young Rapunzel is so cute. Flynn/Eugene is no prince but I put him as my favorite animated p'ek! Rapunzel's & Flynn's love story is believable as compared to other animated couples' love stories lol.

The lantern scenes are amazing! I want to see it in real life! I thought Rapunzel loosing her long hair of magic is such a shame because I want that magic for my hair lol but she does look cool with her short hair lol.

p. Zoua

sarNie Oldmaid
I love the lantern scene! It was so beautiful. I think Mandy Moore was perfect for the voice of Rapunzel.