[Movie] The Palace 2013

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Zhou Dongyu as Chen Xiang
Chen Xiao as Yin Xiang (13th prince)
Zanilla Zhao Li Ying as Liu Li
Lu Yi as Yin Zhen (9th Prince)
Dicky Cheung as Cheif Enuch
Summary: (by me)
A historical romance drama film taken during the reign of Kangxi. Chen Xiang enters the palace at a young age, as a palace maid and meets Liu Li. The two becomes best friends. Liu Li desires to make something of her life, so she wants to encounter a prince to become a queen. One night, she asks Chen Xiang to take her place in doing her chore for the night round and to wear her handkerchief so they won't get in trouble, while she(liu li) went to "fool" around with 9th Prince. At the same night, Chen Xiang encounters 13th Prince and he is amazed by her, but with a Liu Li's handkerchief covering her face, he isn't able to tell who she is, and she runs off. The next morning 13th prince announces to find the maiden who he met that night, and at the same time, Liu Li is dumped by the 9th prince, so she takes the opportunity and says that she was the one who met 13th prince that night. She talks with Chen Xiang and apologizes; tells her that it's all she ever wanted and she will also take Chen Xiang as her own servant and she will treat her nicely. Chen Xiang accepts, even though she loves the 13th prince dearly....
Review by Me:
wow I gotta say this is a good and very sad movie. Brought me to tears towards the end cause of so much she done for the 13th and her friend being an @$$ too but she never had the chance to tell him who she was....if you haven't seen it give it a try. This movie is worth watching...


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Ooo, I'll give it a shot... since Chen Xiao is in here lol... :)  sorta grew onto him eversince I watched some bits and pieces of Beauties of the Emperors.