[Movie] Youth Never Returns


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This rom-com film is adapted from the novel of the same name written and starrs Zhang Han and Joe Chen. If y'all are a fan of this pairing then this is a good watch because they definitely are adorable together.

Story-wise... I wasn't fond of it much. It's another one of those recalling back in time from the lover's college days and then you go in like a small roller coaster of misunderstandings, how they didn't get together and their individual lives apart etc. It's sweet but didn't have a strong "Wow" factor to pull me in probably because I didn't feel that there was much development for the characters and the story.. since the film was only about an hour and a half long so things move by fast. I feel that it could've had potential.. but like I said.. it didn't pull me in much. The ending wasn't satisfying much.. since everything was so short but at least it's a happy ending?

I probably completed the film thanks to Zhang Han and Joe Chen, since I like them as a pair in Queen of Sop (which I still have to complete)... so they were definitely a plus in this film. (Hence for the reason of why I chose to watch it "P) Zhang Han was certainly handsome yet adorable in here though in my opinion. How can you not love the scenes of him singing and playing the guitar? Like... it's perfection you know 555.. ok, I'll stop with my biasness. Anyways, I also love how his character is colorblind in here.. it's sad but the scenes are funny :p Joe is still so very pretty for her age. I wonder if she got this role also due to her boobs since she is also known for having boobs and her character's main point in here is for having big boobs LOL. I must admit that her character sort of and kind of remind me of her "sticky note" character from Fated to Love You.. especially when she wore those bulgy circle glasses. I thought their acting was good here, very natural.

Here's the teaser.
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