*hey, it's been awhile since I've wrote a new fanfic. I've been to busy with school and kpop I feel bad for leaving Thai-pop but I came back this time. The last Thai drama I've watched was Cubic but I hope to come back this time officially. Hopefully. I'll still be updating Silver Lining and this one. While the other rest of my fanfic I will ask for it to be deleted. I hope you guys enjoy this one *

title : Mr. Mr. (The Other Side) = seeing a new side of the person you love who is Mr. Mr.

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Lead Role:
-New Chaiyapol
Younger step brother of nadech. He is engaged with Yaya, he truly loves Yaya and wants to be with her forever. He was once a playboy. Mint, his ex-girlfriend from America comes looking for him.
-Nadech Kugimiya
very rich, his step brother is New, he loves his step mother (new's mother) more then his real mother. His father passed away, he meets yaya, who is New's fiancé ever since little. He starts to develop for Yaya but he feel it's wrong to love/like his brothers fiancée.
-Yaya Urassaya
she is rich but not nadech rich, she is very caring, she was in love with New when they were little but not anymore, she doesn't want this marriage but to scared to speak for herself, she starts to fall for Nadech. She doesn't want to hurt new.
-Mint Chalida
she is the richest, she is in love with New and always has ever since they went to the same university in America. When she found out new was getting married she was heartbroken and watches him and Yaya together. She is the only daughter of the Chalida house hold and only heir of her company group EXID.
-James Ma
he isn't rich, he works in Mint's company EXID as her dad's secretary. He is very smart and handsome, mint's parents praises him. He starts to fall in love with Mint and care for her.

Other cast:
Nadech's ex-girlfriend
Nadexh's best friend.
[-and others will be included as well.]

C H A P T E R 1

"p'new" a women had said to him as she ran up to him grabbing his shot glass. "What are you? You've drunk so many shots? Are you drunk?" She said. He gave her a cold glare and grabbed his shot glass and drunk it again.

She slapped him, "You think you sleep with me and we're over? You've thought wrong? Once something is mine it's mine."

He chuckled, "well don't you know, once I get something it's out like trash." He said pushing her out of the way as he went to the dance floor. He was dancing with some girls and suddenly someone catches his eyes.... He made his way over to her, he was dancing with her as they were face to face ....

"Khun Chue ari?" He said smiling.... But then the women pulled him out of the crowed.

"P'new we're not done." She said. He then pushes her away.

"Leave me alone would you. We're done." He wasn't in a good mood anymore as he left the club. He got into his car, he punches his wheel... "This bitch..!!!! Why did I even go for her!!!" He said, he started his car as he reversed out of the parking lot he had accidentally hit someone in the back. He got out his car and saw that it was a girl....he went to help her, "Khun, are you ok?" He said helping her up.

"I'm ok." She said holding into him. New looks at her face. It was her, from the club. He smiled and pulled her closer to him. She smiled at him also.....

"Ploy chan.." She had asked politely. But he didn't, she kept trying to gïlet out of his grip. But he was holding to right to her.. She was getting impatient, "I really mean it." She said pushing him off. She then turned around but new grabbed onto her.

"I just want to be friends....please." He asked her.
"Nadech come here." His step mom had asked him as he walked over.

"Yes mother?" He asked why sitting Down next to her.

"Have you ever met New's fiancé?" Nadexh who was shocked and laughed.

"He has a fiancé, I never knew? Can I see?" He asked while he took the picture and looked at the women in the picture, it struck his eyes. She was beautiful, like a nang fah. "She's very beautiful mother? How'd you find a women this beautiful."

The mother laughed, "I actually didn't know she was going to blossom this beautiful? She was a cute duckling when she was little."

"Oh, when will New arrive home?" He had asked.

"I honestly don't know? I keep calling him but his phone is always off."

Nadech smiled, "I haven't seen him since he last visited, I miss him around. I'll call him." He said as he av his mother a peck on the cheek. He headed out and pulled out his cell-phone as he called New.

(New's phone vibrates on the table loudly)

"Are you not gonna get it?" mint had asked him.

New just smiled at her, "it's not important." He had told her as he pushed her downed to the bed, unbuckling his belt. He stared at mint who was smiling. He took off his shirt and laid on top of her as he kissed her neck and ran his hand up her back he then unbuckled her bra.

"Why isn't he picking up?" Nadech said as he hung up. He then turned around and bumped into young lady. "Sorry, I'm sorry." He helped her up. The young lady had smiled as she for up and slap the dirt off of her pants.

She looks up "it's ok." She said smiling brightly at him. Nadech who was stunned by her beauty. It was her from earlier, New's fiancé.

"nangfah." He had said. Yaya who frowned. And turned her head to see who was also at the scene.

"Excuse me?" She said....he then snapped out off. "Are you Nadech?" She asked.

Nadexh who smiled, thinking to himself, she knows my name. He then answered with a yes.

"Mother is looking for you an she sent me out." She said a she headed back inside since it was burning hot outside.

As they both walked inside they sat next to their own mother. Nadexh who just kept an eye at Nadech while the mothers just talked.

"So when would you like their wedding?" Yaya's mother asked.

"I was thinking after New graduates from college...he ends in within 2 months."

"Mom, I'll come home after this ammeter end ...." New had said to his mother over the phone. "Why do you want me to come home?" As he was listening to his mother he then was in shock. He ran into the bathroom, " fiancé I totally forgot all about her....why are you bringing her up." His mother then told him about the marriage.
"Mom, are you serious about this marriage. She ---" His mother hung up on him. He came out of the bathroom all pissed at his mother...he really had to marry Yaya, she was 2 years older then him. He looked at Mint who was sleeping under the sheets....he went to sit next to her as he kissed her forehead.

Mint smiled, "why you do that?"

New pushed her hair strand behind her left hair and leaned closer to her, "chan ruk tur mak tee soot." As he kissed her cheek and they went again rolling and tossing in the bed.
Nadech laughed out loud, "mom you want me to fly to New York to get New. He's not a little kid anymore, he's 20 years old. Just leave him be he'll come back when he wants to." Nadech said jumping onto his bed hugging his big white teddy bear like a cutie pie !

His mother sat on the bed and slightly hits him, "please go an get him....he still thinks yaya is an ugly duckling, but once he sees her she was like an angel. Don't you agree?"

Nadech had a nice smile on his face as it faded, "she is beautiful, my little brother is lucky."

His mother warped her armed around him and kissed his forehead, "one day I'll find a pretty one for you, or yourself will find a pretty one."

"I think I've already have." As he laughed it off...."and yeah, I'll go get New." His mother smiled and gave him more kisses as she hugged him goodnight.
Nadech who had landed in NYC and is in the building of New's resistance. As he was going to the elevator he bumped into Mint.

"I'm sorry." He said helping her pick up her school papers and food bags.

"It's ok." Mint said. They both met eye to eye as they had a moment spark. Nadech thought she was beautiful with her fresh face and long brownish hair. He then snapped out of it and stood up.

"Aren't you carrying to much stuff for a women your size?" Nadech had asked smiling at her.

"Is it like that?" She questioned him.

Nadech smiled an grabbed the food bags along with her school papers, "I'll carry all your items."

Mint tried to take them back, "no no no don't do that I don't want to owe a dept to you." She said laughing as she grabbed her school papers.

"Then let me carry the food.." Nadech said.

As mint an Nadexh entered the elevators mint had pressed the button to floor 9. "What floor?" Mint asked.

Nadexh laughed awkwardly, "looks like I'm floor 9 too." They both laughed.

As Nadech followed her to her room. She took out her room card and swiped it. As she entered and set her school papers down and went out and grabbed the bags from Nadexh.

"Thank you." Mint said. Nadech handed her the bags as she sets them down on the ground. He then looks at her one last time when he saw the man walking behind her, it was New, he pushed opened the door before it closed scaring both New and Mint.

Nadech frowned, "New...." He said as new turned around looking at Nadech as his smile started to fade away and he slowly pushes away from Mint.


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