Muay Inter (Nook Narn-Polyplus)


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Credits to Polyplus
I think Note will be a doctor in here.



sarNie Granny
ahhhh...another pancake and stefan lakorn...going to be good....pancake looks so pretty as the role as chinese/thai thingy...^^


Staff member
when i read the title i was like muay as in boxing lord what were they thinking choosing stefan to play in a lakorn about boxing lols but it's muay as in chinese girl hahahha


sarNie Egg
in this lakorn pancake is acting as a model.. she takes over her friend and goes modeling.. she's acting rich again i guess..


sarNie Granny
aww...nadia is such a cutie for note...very good pair couple..


Lakorn Obsesser
She does. Her last one was as a guest star in Bpoo Peh Leh Ruk as a Japanese girl :loool: So hilarious!