MV ft Chakrit


sarNie Adult
i was doing some web surffing..honestly i wasnt even looking for this hahaha but as soon as i saw it it caught my attention :loool:..anything with chakrit catches my attention.
this song is called lok chan waa kao non laew which translates roughly to lying to me that your sleeping

it was pretty good right? i thought krit was really cute in here making her sandwhiches even though he was a cheating man whore! hahahaha
that appatment makes me feel so violated...theres no windows least have some shades hahahaha but i do like it..i want a place like that but with LOTS of curtains :loool:
wooooo please let me meet krit at the club like that....just one time....just one time... :yahoo: :loool:

ouhhh i have to add...krit looks so lost with that girl dancing all up on him in the beginning..ewwww that girl needs some new moves hahahahahahahahahahahaha :loool:

hmmm isnt the girl that he's eating with @2:08-2:12 the singer of this song? they look so much alike??? :huh:


sarNie Adult
haha, yes i agree that he looks lost dancing with all those girls at the start!

I really love how the apartment looks!
lmao i just watched it again and no matter how many times its still super funny hell yeah he looks lost HAHAHAHAHAHAHA gosh talk about awkard :loool: