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Staring at the strange man who was now her husband, she had to blink back the shock he has given her. He didn't wait for her to respond. She wasn't going to give him the satisfaction that she feared or was affected by his tone of voice.

"I said take it off!" He stared at her in return but his eyes flashed danger and impatience with her.

She was dumbfounded and she quivered at his words from within but she didn't dare allow him to witness her demise. What did he want her to do? She would always refuse. She was never going to forgive him.

"No. You cannot make me. Go back to where you came from. Bah!"

He came at her and she turned and tried to high tail it out of there. She grabbed whatever she can to slow him down and help her escape; tossing the flowers, the broom, and the cat. She couldn't contain her laughter anymore. What sort of marriage was this?

The chickens, goats and the pigs scrambled out of her she flew through the man-made farm. She almost stomped on a poor chick but skirted around it just in time. Here was her chance and she didn't dare to turn back in case it slowed her pace. She couldn't believe her circumstances because she is a Hi-so heiress what was she doing in a village the size of an ant farm. All the men and women wanted to be with her or be part of her entourage; but now she had no on but him!

She hadn't realized he was mere inches from overtaking her. He easily lifted her up off of the ground not concerned about her weight. She was kicking and screaming and saw the big eyes of the villagers staring at their altercation. Some were shouting at him with encouragement. They jeered and smirked and said to take care of his wife better. He tossed her over his shoulder and she was so humiliated, she wasn't a bag of potatoes. How dare he treat her this way? Oh she was so livid. How could her life so quickly did a 360 degree turn around? She needed a way to change her misfortune and fast. As she was upside down and pounding on his back. A large smack was heard. And silence. He firmly smacked her butt and in front of all these E-San people who were clearly strangers to her? Oh all hell was going to break loose as soon as she could escape she will show him all about fear. She could not believe it that he was like this, out of all the most chauvinistic and barbaric thing to do to her. He did not know who he was dealing with!

Reiterating to her his command, "When I ask you to take it off, then you take it off. You have a lot to learn from this poo bao!" He shifted her easily over his shoulder as she tried to claw at him.

He pretended she didn't affect him but slowly this unwanted wife of his was creeping into his heart. He had never in his life encountered a woman so spoiled and undervalue the importance of other people's worth. She was in for a rude awakening. when he finishes with her.



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sarNie Hatchling

Two very handsome gentlemen sat down together over homemade rice porridge in Chiang Mai on the streets. To the ordinary people they were the same but these two were one of the most powerful men in Thailand. They were discussing the benefits of marriage between their eldest children.

”We don’t know what to do with her, Narun, my best friend who is like my brother. That is why I am coming to you. She is the eldest but she isn’t leading a very good example to her younger sisters. She does not understand the fact that we come from very humble beginnings but we were very fortunate with having hard work that prosperity follows. The hard part is because she is my daughter.” Khun Sahat spoke from his heart with his best friend Khun Narun.

The two men have been together since childhood when they both were orphans left at the monastery back in Chiang Mai. Now they are both very prosperous tycoons owning half of the banking industry in Thailand. Khun Narun specialty was loans and credit analysis and Khun Sahat was business development. The two families were very well known in Thailand as per their names but they never allow media to delve into their personal lives so only the men photos were available to the public. Too much media attention always breaks apart the other high society families.

Khun Narun responded, “I don’t have much advice when it comes to daughters as I only have two sons. I know that our eldests are to marry but the years keep passing us and now I don’t know how to approach it to my son either. He is very low key but his silence makes our debtors fear him. He is very sharp and I fear he may not have a heart either. He puts all his effort in this business because I raised him to accept his responsibilities once I retire next year. He is almost thirty now. I am not going to defend that my son is innocent but your daughter just turned twenty two? She in my eyes is still very young. What was she studying again in New York?” Khun Narun didn’t know what to tell his best friend.

They made a pact to engage their kids but with life it seems only yesterday this promise was made between them. Khun Sahat wanted to show his daughter the more realistic world where not everyone could afford expensive designer labels nor would they care for it. What only matters to the rest of the people, was feeding themselves and their families. With him being so busy with his empire he neglected the proper child rearing of his daughters and as much love he had for his wife, she too was a spoiled rich girl but she understood the importance of being humble. She saw his ways easily too but yet she didn’t pass it down to Yaya. Yaya was his eldest daughter, his superficial and too high maintenance daughter; but she wasn’t mean spirited she was very generous. Although currently her new group of friends she met in New York change her quite a bit. They were all the typical high society daughters who only all about for caring about the next best thing when it comes to commercial goods and products. And their parents were the same. But with him, he was not like that and he didn’t want his daughter to be painted with the same brush.

“Let me talk to my son Sahat. I am sure Nadech won’t be too opposed to this marriage. He takes my judgement seriously. If I put it to him that your daughter is the perfect wife material I am sure he won’t refuse her. Is she wife material?” Khun Narun asked his friend.

“She is definitely wife material if you get past her exterior complexity. That is where my problem arise Narun. Yaya is being easily influence by her new group of friends. She is a really great kid not because she’s my daughter. She wants to be a fashion designer and before she left for school in New York she wanted to create school clothing for the students up in our hometown. But since she was in New York for the past few years she’s changed. I don’t know what is the real her anymore.” explained Khun Sahat.

Khun Narun took in his words. Young minds and opinions do get easily persuaded but he hasn’t heard anything in regards to scandals and such with his niece Yaya. So maybe Khun Sahat is over thinking things.

“We need something that will tie our kids together. They can learn to love each other. They are our children.” replied Khun Sahat.

“I agree. Now what is the next step to make them meet?” asked Khun Narun.

The older gentlemen continued on with their plotting and unfortunately two lives were about to change. Nadech and Yaya were the unwilling p’ek and n’ek in this lakorn created by their fathers. One was a tough businessman and another was a spoiled rich girl. Will love prevail or was this just a disaster waiting to happen.


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sarNie Hatchling

His father told him she was the perfect wife material. Don’t let her age deceive you he mentioned as well. He couldn’t believe his father is still naive enough to believe in arranged marriages. What is this ridiculous notion of childhood promises and mashing strangers together? The notion of strangers falling in love was so far fetched to him. But yet here he was spying on his “intended” bride. She wasn’t unattractive but neither was she any different than what was already out there and just looking at her now with her group of obnoxious and superficial socialites he shook his head. His father’s best friend was clearly trying to deceive him. This woman before him was stunning but what is on the surface doesn’t generally reflect what was within. As well what was she wearing? Short everything, to her skirt to her cut off blouse. She didn’t dress very age appropriate as well her makeup was too much. In his honest opinion he liked women make up less. It pertains to their ego and their confidence in the way they look. Anyone can be made to look good with the exceptional talent of makeup artists in this day and age. As well his experiences with beautiful women were that all there was to them not a lot of substance.

“Oh my goodness do you see that man over there. He has been checking me out for a while now! He is so hot too!” ‘Soriya whispered to her friends.

Yaya didn’t notice anyone but then as she looked up she saw the piercing eye of that man. He was not smiling and she knew he made eye contact with her. She shivered with an unknown emotion. What was he doing here and how creepy that he is spying on young women. That wasn’t right and the next thing she knew she started to walk towards him.

“Hey you there! Yes you! Do you have some mental issues? Why are you stalking us women? They have places for people like you. Ugh how incorrigible.” Yaya stood toe to toe with him.

Nadech just smiled at her, at first he was shocked when she came at him and so he froze there but seeing her up close he just stood there smiling at her. Flashing Yaya his bright white teeth and deep dimples was his response to her. The other girls he saw started to giggle and blush. Great in the company of airheads he thought to himself.

Yaya stepped back a bit from this funny man. Yes he was quite handsome but that it was a shame that he was prone to spying on strange women. She had never met him before and wondered why he was smiling at her.

“Why don’t you answer? Or did you want the police to question you?” she inquired with him further but he refuse to answer her.

With her hands on her hips she was going to give him more a piece of her mind that women are not meant to be ogled at and all of that. He should be ashamed of his public behaviour. Dressed all professional but crazy. So unbelievable this man!

Nadech turned and saluted her and the others. The girls squealed in delight at his gallant gesture and they waved at Yaya to come back to them and tell them what he said. Yaya didn’t have a choice as she watched his retreating back. Who was he and why did he seem unashamed in her company.

Nadech thought hard about how to handle this girl. She wasn’t all about just having a pretty face. She defended her rights quickly enough, he would give her that. Did she know anything about their fathers’ arrangement for them? He needed to speak further with his father and hers too. If the marriage was to be sealed he needed to get to know her first but on his terms.


“Oh my I was so pissed off! Taew and Gubgib he was so shameful in spying on us girls. Just because we were wearing short skirts doesn’t mean he has the right to stare!” Yaya vented with her younger sisters.

Taew was the second born and then came Gubgib. They were all only a year apart. Their parents had them at an older age and they didn’t wait in between. They always asked their father if he regret not having a boy but he always said he loved spoiling his princesses and his queen. The girls were definitely very spoiled but they all were great characters. Yaya currently was just going through a phase they hoped but more and more she was behaving and saying things that were offensive to a lot of people. Yaya doesn’t realize this but as well they didn’t know how her mind works. She was very kind-hearted and her intention was not to be mean. She may only need lessons on communications first and foremost.

“But Soriya kept saying he was so handsome that she didn’t care that he was staring, but really Yaya who would want to look at her, she is eighty percent plastic on her face.” announced Taew.

She was the sister that was most outspoken and very unfeminine. She liked to delve in men’s sports and was fairly competitive about it. She gained a few trophies in doing so. Gubgib was the quietest and the most calming of the three sisters. She was always a gentle child when they were growing up but she never cries either. She was a hard person to read.

Yaya didn’t respond to her sister’s comments because it was the truth but everyone has their own lives to live so she didn’t really judge her friend in that way. But if Soriya decides to put one more needle in her face god help her! She didn’t look herself any longer since the second injection was done. She herself hated cosmetics but being with her new friends she had to at least pretend she did. Sitting here with her sisters she was glad she can be herself. She didn’t know why she had to do this, having the need to wanting to belong but it bespoke her interest in the way society works. She was hoping to research the intricate minds of the well off and disillusionment of these young women. How careless, how cruel and how naive in the end they really were.


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“You know what, I think your friend or your best friend is trying to pawn off his less than perfect daughter on you and on me. She is too over done and dresses inappropriately. If she was eighteen understandable but at twenty something it is very unbecoming and besides I think we are too far into the twenty first century to be considering arranged marriages or childhood promises as sacred in this day and age. I am a businessman dad, not a kid. I think I earn the respect and right to choose my own wife and the mother of my children. This woman is not to my liking whatsoever even though at first I would love to help you out because your opinions does matter to me but this time you are a bit off. Did you say she has sisters and younger ones too? I don’t think she is a very good role model currently. What does she do any way? Why is she standing around with her friends I thought you said she graduated from a prestigious Fashion school in New York? That would be a waste of money and time if she did and is unemployed or has no ambitions to pursue her career.” Nadech didn’t hold anything back from his father.

Khun Narun listened to his eldest son. When in the world did he meet with Yaya to have this thorough opinion of her? Clearly he was somewhat curious and possibly interested in her and so here he was a bit too much denying their future union. His son was very diligent when in comes to researching and stalking his debtors. They never lost sight of any of their loans so he must have used these skills on his future bride.

“My best friend, Khun Sahat would never lie to me. Are you sure it was Yaya you saw and not her new friends? She graduated with honours and she will be interning at the fashion studio here in Bangkok, Styles Incorporated. So no she actually is quite ambitious and must be very good to be accepted quickly by Styles. I met her a few times. Yes she is high maintenance in the sense of she likes her things and people great so she expect great things for herself. I don’t devalue that but I think if she has you or learn a few things from you than maybe she will understand people and life a little more. That is what her father wants for her and I hope to help him out in that way. She is very beautiful too so I don’t think that would be an objection for you Nadech, am I right?” he replied back to his son and saw Nadech nodding in agreement hesitantly.

“I am not one to be overly excited about a pretty face. I couldn’t tell what her real face was, not with all of that colour and glob on it. I guess she is passable.” He didn’t deny she was quite beautiful when she stood toe to toe with him. But he had enough experience with women that the outer cover doesn’t reflect the interior of a person.

“What can I teach her? I barely have time to understand the workings of my own self. I know I see the hard struggles of entrepreneurs and the desperation of the less fortunate. I give everyone a chance when I see that my investment will project excellent results. Speaking of which, have you seen Mario? He went down to Chiang Mai and never responded to me in regards to our Grandmother at the village. I think I want to visit our Esan family soon. It has been awhile. How is your doctor son, Dad?”

Nadech did miss his adoptive grandmother. She was actually a great aunt to their father’s mother side, so he was half Esan and he enjoyed the uniqueness of that part of him. They were simple folks but very rich with their language, culture, music, and art. The food was as well amazing with abundance of flavours; he didn't shy to the extreme spicyness although if brought to the city people here would run to the hills, just like his future bride. Wait why did he think of her that way? He didn’t know his thoughts were of her. That was strange.

“Oh he called. He is enjoying himself and nature and his expertise is much needed there. He is a good kid your younger brother. It is too sad he won’t tell us what happened in Japan. But this should keep him busy with being the local doctor at the village. But back to you and Yaya. How about you get to know her? I can arrange that for you if you would like. You don’t really have a say in this to be honest. I have made a pact with Khun Sahat and I am man of my words. Take it like a man and accept your gift. I would be honoured to have Yaya as my daughter in law; she is still my best friend’s daughter. He didn’t raise a moron I am sure of this. As well I didn’t raise you to not accept your duty as my eldest either”

That was definite from his father which left Nadech’s mouth gaping open as his father walked away from him. He never seen his father being so head strong about an issue before. What was so special about this woman?


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sarNie Hatchling

“Daddy! You must be kidding me right? Engaged? What the hell is Esan? Not in this lifetime, how could you not know how I am. I enjoy the city, the lights, sound and craziness. I don’t care. If you promised him then you marry him yourself. I am not being ridiculous! For heaven’s sake you want to subject me to a hell on earth?” she stopped long enough to catch up with her heavy breathing. She was so frustrated and shocked at the news her father just dropped on her.

Khun Sahat almost burst out with laughter to his eldest daughter’s hysterics. He was glad he didn’t allow his wife and her sisters to witness this. Yes initially it did sound farfetched this scheme between Khun Narun and him. He knew Yaya would be the most unwilling player in this but he made a vow with his best friend and he was a man of his words.

“Yaya calm down sweetheart. Listen carefully. If you don’t do it I have no choice. He is my best friend but he’s been loaning me credit since I started our family business almost thirty five years now. I don’t want to lose it all, but his son is smart, business savvy and very handsome too. He is Esan well half-blooded on his father's side. He needs to be cultured. And like you said you are a city gal so enlightened him. What is the harm? You are not romantically involved with anyone are you, here or New York?” he waited for her response.

“Not really. I have dated a few men but that is beside the point. How is it that we still have this sort of thing here in Thailand? Marriage arranged by closed minded individuals. I am sure it wasn’t your idea, they blackmailed you right. If he is so handsome and he’s how old again, thirty and have never been married, I think there is something not quite right with him then. Oh I see it on your face. What are you hiding from me Daddy?” Yaya kept her father’s gaze. He doesn’t blink when he is lying.

“He is not a man who has time for frivolous things as a wife. He trusts his father’s judgement. What is wrong with my beautiful daughter? I am sure he will see that men grovel for you and women want to be you, so just get to know him. I mention Esan people because that is his destination once you marry. He wants to settle up north for the first part of your marriage. He is very serious about this part of his heritage.” Her father held her hands firmly and looked at her.

Yaya was taken aback. Her father was looking so serious this very moment that she suddenly feared that this wish he asked from her was his soul breaker. What did this Khun Narun family have over her father? She knew deep down she will do it because her family is still the most important people in her life. But first she needed to figure out who this Khun Nadech Wonsawitiya is all about.

“We will lose everything Yaya. I have no power to deny them anything.”

Khun Narun heart felt heavy as he had to lie to her, but he wanted to really see her reaction when all her world she was accustom to, will be disinergrate in front of her.

“Daddy I cannot give you an answer right now because I am too shell-shocked about this news you have put to me. I am not ready for marriage and most likely not anytime soon. I am still new to this world of fashion and want to make a name for myself, if I marry and by the sounds of this man being Esan whatever that is I cannot do it. He will try to make his demands on me to be a woman and bride of his liking. I refuse to bend to any man’s will. I need to go Daddy. I need to go shopping. It is the only stress reliever for me.” Yaya turned on her heel.

Khun Sahat took a deep sigh. She has gone shopping, that was the main reason he wanted her to get married fast and maybe her future husband can show her the intricate details of real life. You don’t run away and hide in a shopping mall when life’s dilemma comes at you.


sarNie Hatchling

“So what is the problem? You go out and find yourself a boyfriend or make believe fiancé. I don’t know it always seem to work on television.” suggested Taew. If they wanted her opinion she only thought of this option in her meager experiences or actually this type of topic was new to her.

Her older sister stared at her blankly and Gubgib’s jaw dropped. The sisters were brainstorming a way as how to help their sister survive or pull out from this impromptu wedding and marriage.

“Oh yeah then that will set Daddy to push up the wedding date and leg-shackled me to this Esan person even sooner. Daddy is just waiting for me to slip and blackmail me further into submission. There must be something I can do for our family other than get married. That is so typical lakorn drama-esque. Arranged marriages and marriage out of duty but the last I checked this is the twenty first century and I think we can vote in this country right? Why can I not choose my own spouse or choose to live in sin?” Yaya was still frustrated and venting out loud to her sisters.

She knew she shouldn’t mention the living in sin part because that wasn’t a good impression or provide a great ideology to her younger sisters; but seriously she wanted to escape back to New York.

Gubgib blushed at her sister’s words of living in sin but interjected with her own advice, “It is okay Yaya. We will help you find a way. But have you approach the other party in question. Maybe he is feeling the same as you. If so that will ease your decisions a lot because if you both protest than our dads cannot pursue this. I think that makes all kinds of sense. Am I right?”

Yaya pursed her lips, she did try to approach her dad about it but he said, this Nadech, what an unusual name, he is very loyal and duty bound to his father. He would not defy his father the way Yaya was doing now. Great she thought, lay out the “what a daughter’s duties are’ list on me. But regardless she was adamant she value her single status and continued on her way out the door last week when they argued over this situation. She said she wanted to go shopping but for the most part it was to let off steam and in the end she value every single penny she earned since she lived on her own in New York and didn`t spend frivolously. But she had to keep up with her friends though whenever they went out and shopping at the exclusive boutiques. She only ever dabble with accessories as she loved the handcrafted and unique designs of the jewellery the up and coming new designers created from the heart.

Flipping back to the present Yaya sighed heavily, “I have enough of this conversation. It is going nowhere and I pray every day that it disappears with the nightmares I have been having about it. Now I want to hear all about my sisters lives. It has been too long and I am sorry I have neglected you both since my arrival. The friends get first dibs but now I am back to family.” She hugged her younger sisters and listen attentively to their updates.

Next month Taew was entered in the 10th annual women’s field hockey tournament played out in Europe, so she’ll be gone for a few weeks. As for Gubgib, nothing special she said. But both sisters knew last year, something neither good nor bad happen in Japan but Gubgib was relentless in being mum about it. They knew how their youngest sister was. When she was ready she will spill the bean.

“On further contemplation, I think I will try to figure out a surprise meeting with my future intended. What is he all about? If he cannot be a man and make his own decisions, already he lost points in my books. So Mr. Business savvy Nadech. Cool and collected is your game. Hmm, you haven’t met someone like me yet so let us see what you are all about. Okay, Gubgib I know you know lots of people, so can you get me his number ASAP please.” She asked her youngest sister.

Her plans were unraveling before her. This was a start because initially she was leaning towards defeat and relinquished her will to defy and deny her father’s request. But now she wanted to confront this man who was to be her future spouse. Her married, it was too comical. She never thought about marriage but that was because she never have fallen in love and no man has ever attempted to come to scratch; either due to the fact they were intimidated by ambitions and intelligence or she was not appealing in looks. To be humble she knew it wasn’t the latter because she went on plenty of dates and blind dates and enjoyed their company but that was all there was. It was always casual and nothing serious. Who has time for that sort of drama anyways?


Nadech looked up at his secretary. She said who was here to see him? She mentioned the woman’s name again.

“It is a Ms. Visayavongtri to see you. She said you are related and friends with her father. Khun Narun Visayavongtri.” Lily waited for her CEO to respond. But considering the young women in attendance waiting impatiently in the front foyer, she knew a storm was brewing.

“Show her in. I am familiar with her, sadly. Thank you Lily.” He placed his piles of mergers and debt documents away. He knew his full attention was required. The bratty queen was here.

Out of his latest conversation with his father, he knew she, his future wife was looking for a reason to dissolve their fathers’ schemes or intentions of a long ago promise to marry their elders. So he guessed she was going to throw him under the bus too because clearly she thought he was there when this subject was established. He was only 8 years old then and she was still in her mother’s womb. What sort of power did he have?

He waited only briefly when a light rap was heard on the door and the young woman in question came through the door. Yet again she wore the most inappropriate attire. Does she not look at herself once over in the mirror? Clearly not as he looked over her style of choice; she wore a tight and too small of a girl’s t-shirt and ripped denims showing her thighs as the open scores in the material didn’t hide it. God help him, if the marriage was to be a success. He stopped himself, wait marriage as a success? Not going to happen ever as long as he had his wits around him. Besides he had other plans for them. He stopped his once over of her and noticed her impatience, rapping her finger on her cell phone she was carrying with her.

“Good afternoon Yaya, I hope that I may be less formal considering we will be united really soon. Please sit down. May I get you something to drink?” he asked her too politely. She glared at him.

“No thanks I don’t drink before noon or on the job. I am going to cut to the chase because I am not a woman with patience as I find myself to be lately. Why do you want this marriage? Clearly looking at you now, you are quite handsome and successful. I am sure all kinds of woman are knocking down your office or bedroom door every second, I am sure this is true. What do you want from me? Unless you have so many baggage that no woman would want to be near you even if a ten foot pole was available?” She knew her approach was rude but she didn’t have the galls to beat around the bush. This was her life not a play they were acting out.

Nadech froze at her words. She didn’t remember him. Of course and he wasn’t surprised, why would she give a “stalker or man with mental issues” a second thought? Interesting revelation he thought to himself. She was really high handed and dismissive then and even more so now.

“Thank you for your compliment even if it is somewhat back-handed. I never really had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know you. I understand you are upset likewise I was the same, but clearly you must know that your father owes my father a lot. Not just monetary but we take our vows and promises seriously. Especially for me, if you don’t have integrity then you are at a loss. Now tell me why you think this marriage of ours will be a wrong. I see that you are young and seek excitement and you seem to like to live a certain lifestyle in which I don’t oppose to continue for you. All I ask is that you accompany me back to my grandmother’s village. As your husband I would love to have my wife understand my culture and history as we will have kids no doubt so it will be nice to pass it down to them.” He stopped momentarily as he saw her eyes dilated with shock as his words registered with her. He hid his smirk. She came in here trying to shock him but she had no idea who she was dealing with.

Holy heck! Was this man drinking or did he escape somewhere to smoke something before meeting with her? Why did she have the misfortune to always meet with men with weird tendencies and mental issues, but then it hit her right then and there.

“Oh no it is you! The ogler on the street! I cannot believe how small this world is! Ahh!” Yaya screamed as it was her first instinct to do.

She didn’t know why she did it but she did and several people in the office came crashing through Nadech’s office door as they thought someone was being abused. All eyes were on the two original people in this room. The woman’s mouth was firmly covered by one of their CEO’s hand and the other around her abdomen. He didn’t look please at all and with the glinting menace displayed in them now, they all ushered themselves quickly out the door and it shut softly leaving the two alone once more.


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As some of you may know I am more of a writer than a commentator. But I appreciate everyone who reads my FF and love every remarks, comments, suggestions and all things mentioned. Thank you so much! Once I am in my creative writing mode, that is all I envision is Yadech doing what needs to be done in each chapter. This story as well is my first attempt in writing comedy so I hope I have done justice to this genre. I do tend to lead to dramas and real life situations.

Thanks once more!



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Whoa I want to know what happens so bad haha looks like Yaya finally found someone she can't beat at arguing!!


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I enjoy reading and looking forward for more of your creative story. Great update, more please? Thank you!


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So now they had witnesses to their predicament. How does she convince her way out of this because once words get back to her father there will be no more excuses heard from her and she’d be married to this alpha male in a heartbeat?

She hissed at him and seeing the way she was breathing heavy once his hand covered her mouth she wrestle to free herself; he was suffocating her. She felt a little uneasy and warm with his other hand resting too close between her belly and the bottom of her heaving breasts. What type of a man to take advantage of a woman was he? She dressed to impress for sure knowing he was all about sophistication and when she entered the room she saw the way he gave her a once over and rolled his eyes at her. He doesn’t like the tight tees and jeans girl she scoffed at herself. That was her main goal to turn him off. She borrowed one of Taew’s denim as her sister had used as a Halloween costume and realized her sister’s taste was much different from hers. The slashed thigh area was a little blush worthy but she still went head on in looking her worse for her future groom.

She finally manages to escape his hovering hand, “Let me go you imbecile. What do you think you are doing? Unhand me right now or I swear you’ll regret this; don’t tell me that this is what Esan is all about? Abuse of the weaker gender! I said let me go!” she tried to bump her hip into him, anything to get this man to release her. He chuckled at her futile attempt to dismantle him. Not a chance girl!

“Are you trying to seduce me? Keep at it and I will bend to your wishes. You are right Yaya, women do tend to find me quite irresistible and it seems you are in the same category? Hey now, relax wife!” his words made her freeze in his embrace.

She looked at him quickly and manages to crash her head up to his chin. He let out a curse and she fled from him. Taking a few steps away and glaring at him. How dare he call her his wife? They were not even remotely close to having any type of relationship as intimate as he shouted at her moments ago, calling her his wife how very obscure of his judgement and confidence in thinking she would approve. Not in a million years.

“Listen to me now I will never ever be your wife. Dream on buddy. Because unless the pigs spout wings then even that would be a stretch for me. I refuse you, everything about you. You stand here in your executive office Mr. CEO and yet you don’t understand the meaning of sexual harassment. Especially that I am the very innocent party here. Don’t you dare smirk at me you idiot…” he didn’t allow her to continue.

Eyes wide open she realized too late his intentions. With a punishing kiss, he didn’t know that this tactic was the best action to take with the spiteful tongue of his intended. Yaya hit him hard on the back but he was relentless, she started to tear up. This was not what she was expecting to happen upon her impromptu and surprise visit to her Dad’s proposition and its owner.

She stopped fighting him because she knew in the end there was no way a woman had the strength to overpower a man’s will to oppress her. He slid his hand underneath her t-shirt rubbing circles across her back. His hand was warm and perspiring. She tensed up immediately. Was he going to force her into submission right here in his office? She shoved at him and he let her go.

Seeing the accusation in her eyes he felt a little guilty, but in all honesty he didn’t want to let go of those succulent lips. Now they were thoroughly kissed by him. To think that studying in New York she would come off as being more experienced. Deep down he knew that he may have been the first to kiss this young woman thoroughly. Looking at her now his opinion of the occurrence that quickly transpired between them, was most likely a correct analysis of her lack of experience. She had never been kissed like that before. She acted like that she was a violated virgin currently. She was a great actress he thought. He dabbed at his lips and stared at hers, bruised and pink.

She glared at him even more and he can see the all-consuming fire burning within her as her body was riveting with anger and channeling the ball of flames at him through her eyes. If he wasn’t amused currently he’d be scared of this woman? Not very likely he thought it over. This was becoming more and more interesting for him. Maybe being married to someone like her will keep him very entertained in the long run, but .dare he risk it as his pride will surely take a beating from her. Whatever happened in their past lives have finally caught up to them in this one. Well at least for him that is.


FF Writer!! Love it!
AHhhh! thanks please update more please. When flames meet water its really interesting. and i love it when Nadech says this line

“Are you trying to seduce me? Keep at it and I will bend to your wishes. You are right Yaya, women do tend to find me quite irresistible and it seems you are in the same category? Hey now, relax wife!” his words made her freeze in his embrace.