My Girl (Fan Chan)


sarNie Egg
Has anyone seen this movie? I enjoyed it quite abit :blush: Jeab and Noi Nah were adorable characters


sarNie Juvenile
I've seen this movie. It's so good! It's definitely one of my favorite Thai movies. I really liked the band of boys in the movie, especially when they were playing Chinese martial arts games. I totally recommend this movie to everyone.


sarNie Juvenile
i only watched this last night when it aired on the foreign channel in australia (SBS)... it was a good kiddie movie... yer the boy gang was hilarious in the chinese fighting scene and the differnt personalities in the group haha it was funny... it was esp funny when they were eating the icecream on the bus


sarNie Adult
it's a very cute movie, i saw this a couple years ago at an asian film festival. luved how they played on nostalgia. great film.


sarNie Juvenile
yea.. i saw it on SBS too.. but ive seen it already

oh.. and gotta say, Nat, the main boy in the movie.. hes so hot now. too bad im not 12...