My Sassy Girl (2008)


sarNie Elites
hmm i hope it wont be bad,, coz the movie wuz great, i agree with STIMA tho


sarNie Hatchling
the korean version is good...i like if they gonna have the same would probably be good too.


N i n j a
nothing has been confirmed yet. i'm hoping they would make a drama about it.


Super Momo
lol I was thinking of having Ueno Juri as the psycho lead girl anyways i'll wait and see lol


sarNie OldFart
^I also think ueno juri fits the psycho girl role....she was damn hilarious in nodame cantabile...^_^ but who knows, maybe the chosen lead girl also fits the role...let's just wait and see... btw, the lead girl is very pretty...