"My Sassy Girl" director terminates Ayase Haruka


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"My Sassy Girl" director terminates Ayase Haruka
2/22/07, 09:25 AM - News
Ayase HarukaSouth Korean director Kwak Jae-young ("My Sassy Girl") is currently directing his first Japanese film, "Boku no Kanojo wa Saibogu" (literally "My Girlfriend is a Cyborg"), with Ayase Haruka and Koide Keisuke. It may sound strikingly similar to Park Chan-Wook's recent Berlin competition entry "I'm a Cyborg, But That's OK", but Kwak's film would appear to be much more literally titled.

It's described as a sci-fi action love story about a university student named Jiro (Koide) who meets a cyborg from the future (Ayase). Filming started in January in Kobe, with Kwak helming an almost entirely Japanese cast and crew. The shoot is scheduled to wrap in mid-April, and the finished product is set to open in Japan and South Korea sometime in 2008. (sources: Sanspo, Sports Hochi)

source : ryuganji.net

It's from the director of My Sassy Girl. I hope this one turns out good.