My sister's wedding


This past sunday was my sister's wedding. Just thought I'll like to share some pictures with everyone... ^_^

this is during the reharsal

and the ceremony



Awee, so nicee!
The last photo is really cute.

Huh? I know one of the groom's men! lol


sarNie Egg
wedding was so cute...everyone is so pretty dressed. Make me wanna have one wedding too.


sarNie Oldmaid
your sister makes a cute couple with her husband. at first, i was like "god, my cousin!" but no, he only looks like him.


sarNie Adult
for a moment thought this person in the pics was your sister's groom. i was like :blink: . sorry. :blush: that was embarrassing. haha. nice pics. after looking at your sister's pics, i just remembered that i'll be bridesmade a my mom's friend's daughter's wedding next month. lol. thanks for sharing. I wish you sister a happy and everlasting marriage.