Nadech Kugimiya & Yaya Urassaya (Traveller's Companion Sept Issue)


Oo. Nadech is looking might fine. Loving his hair.


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Omg! Faint they're too cute, why can't my heart beats normally when I see Yadech together...
Yaya looks stunning in red, she looks beautiful and classy in those pictures. They should let her dress like that in lakorn, Nadech look handsome too. I absolutely love the second picture and the one when she is feeding him. Also love the picture of them siting down staring into each other mind, what are they thinking I wonder. The picture where Nadech is holding his glasses reminds me of GRGR when Charles walked off the plane look so hot!


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Hi tippy thanks 4 posting! Love each n every of yadechs pic, they're ddg, so beautiful! Action speak louder than words, da way they look, stare, hold n hug each other r more than perfect! they look complete ! Appreciate yr efforts tippy, tyvm!


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Credits: Club21 (Thailand) Facebook








bonus bts from IG @keaw_jung & @urassayas  :heart:  :heart:  :heart:

more to come! :)


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@lis94 try ethaicd! here's the link:
i ordered it last night but its not certain that i will get it since it says limited stock.... :( 
most welcome vimalee and key  :heart:  and thaimovielover, totally agree with you! yaya should dress up like this in lakorn and all the guys will drool over her :D
i want to like all your posts but i've reached my quota of likes already... T_T rahhhhhh!! 


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Thank u!  They have got to be one of the most gorgeous couples I've seen!


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My heart is melting at an alarming rate looking at these pics, but js cant stop looking at them, simply STUNNING!!!