Nakak Dok Son Klin (TV Scene)


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Aum's new lakorn "Nakak Dok Son Klin" (The Tuberose Mask)
The remake from O-Warut and Kik-Suvajanee's lakorn.

They've not revealed N'ek yet.

The story is about a millionair (P'ek) who can read other peoples' mind.


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So that limits it to Janie, Joy S., who he's paired with already...Joy R., after JLR, I hope not...or the new girl, Ja...right?

If I had to choose, I'd choose Janie...I loved them in Lady, it depends on the storyline too...


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YAY woot !! this one sounds like a comedy .. aum finally taking a break from drama lols. hmm, the n'ek .. J - i think and hope it's janie.


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Oops, sorry, I make a mistake.

A former N'ek J. will be N'rai in this lakorn, not N'ek.
I don't know who N'ek is for now.


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oh alrigh then wishy, hmm now i got to list all the actress that works had worked tv scene before, .. benz, khem, janie, yard, joy s, donut. and ploy & aff we could cross of the list cause they already working with aum in NM.

edit: i found the novel cover

summary thingy:
คนที่เขาพบ สิ่งที่เขาเห็นล้วนแล้วแต่เป็นสิ่งอำพรางทั้งสิ้น เป็นหน้ากากแห่งความสวยงามซึ่งบดบังความอัปลักษณ์ของผู้สวมคำหวานและการเอาอกเอาใจทั้งปวงล้วนเป็นคำลวง กลบลบร่องรอยความเน่าเหม็นเอาไว้ราวกับดอกซ่อนกลิ่นที่เขาแต่งหน้าศพเพื่อกลบกลิ่นอสุภอันไม่พึงปรารถนา


Just plain obsessed
I can only picture Joy R. as the N'rai, cuz she did such a good job in JLR...but who would the N'ek be? I still prefer Janie now...there's not many actresses at Ch. 3...Oh lordy, please oh please don't let it be Pat...I'm getting a little sick of her...maybe Rita...

Bau, knowing Ch. 3, they'd still throw in those girls somehow...


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lol SO, i dont think pat is goin to be n'ek though .. she doesnt usually work with tv scene. :p hehe i want n'ek to be either janie/rita .. but rita doesnt work with tv scene too though *sigh* i wanna know who the n'ek is.


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I really want to know who will be n'ek !
Hope It will be someone he's never paired up like Rita...or maybe Ja.
But please don't tell me Aff again.


anie's bb [c] D=
HAHA the n'ek should be rita, cause of all the powercouple switching couples .. like anne is paired up with rome now so aum should be paired up with rita :loool:


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i hope janie, she's good in comedy. i remember the old version.
the p'ek is married with the n'ek and he can read in people's mind. if my memory is good the n'ek was pregnant in the original...


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lol .. i don't know .. i like Khem and Aum together too ..
as for everyone else. not sure, rita, hm .. i don't know .. i think she's best suite with Rome :wub:
ateam forever :loool: but i would love to see khem with aum again :p
i really wish he cut his hair and spike it up. make him looks better and more handsome than the split side way hairstyle. :p


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Oh my another remake. Hahaha ch3 needs some new writers. I have been okay with it for the past year but I think this is too much from them. But enough about me complaining about remakes, I hope nang ek will be Aff or Rita if they want to spice things up. Cross my finger!!!


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whoohoo.. another Aum Lakorn! I an loving all these Aum series!! Pefect for me since tik isn't doing any good with Lakorns (Tik needs to star working on lakorns again)

Who ever he pairs up with in this series better be good! I hope it's not Benz though, I don't think Aum and Benz look good together, honestly I don't like her much, she is better as a n'rai to me.

The only person I can picture Aum with is Aff! THey are so HOT HOT HOT together!!!!


sarNie Oldmaid
yay aum n another one.. yay.. i still hope that it is aff.. not really into janie... dont like her much wit aum..


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ch3 usually make a few remakes a year but o8 has been more than 10!

aum, aff and rome is having upcoming lakorns non-stop.