Nang Sangkhan 2060


sarNie Oldmaid
I am so confused. I want to know which Nang Sangkhan it is supposed to be this year? The calendar that we received said that it is supposed to be Karakaneetavee, which holds an elephant tusk and rides an elephant. And that's what Nang Songkran is for Thailand. But my cousin from Laos told me that the Lao Nang Sangkhan is different and that we choose Miss Laos New Year based on the "new day" instead of the 13th. And if it is based on that, then it is Kimitatavee, which rides a buffalo. Which princess is it for Lao New Year? Anyone can clarify for me please? I don't want to waste my time making an ornament for the Nang Sangkhan to hold at our festival and it not be correct.