Nang Tard (DaraVdo)


SarNie Adult
really, they have a new lakorn together...i have to go to sweetkob to check it out then...they probably have more info...i remembered the last time i checked sweetkob forum there is news saying kob will accept a new might be this one then..i'll go find out right now..


sarNie Adult
I hope this isn't confirmed yet. I don't think Por suits the character in this lakorn. I'm hoping for another p'eng which I'm not going to say now.


sarNie Elites
rumors has it that Yui Jiranun will be playing the first wife..not sure if that is the good one or the evil one


sarNie Hatchling
Didn't really like this lakorn. I just like it when Num guest starred in the end.


Save World Save Life
thanks TubbyTinker u always keep us update with new lakorns poh nattawut i love him he my fave actors with kob i dont see them as a cute coupe on screen jsut both are good actor/actress in their own way with someone else i wish daravdo bring chompoo and poh together again miss them


sarNie Adult
In the old version Monrudee was the n'ek right? Who was the p'ek? I want to say it was Likit but I'm not 100% sure.


sarNie Juvenile
This lakorn's so old and very sad, the saddest lakorn I've ever seen! I cried and cried throughout the entire thing. If the remake is as sad as the original, you better get yourself several boxes of tissues!


sarNie Oldmaid
if it's a remake, the old version is so sad, likit is so evil in this one. since i saw this lakorn, i hate likit.if my memory is good, the main gut has 4 or 5 wives.


sarNie Adult
I think I remember some'eng had only one wife in this lakorn. I couldn't remember why pr'eng and n'eng became wife and husband.....maybe because the wife could not give him any children...that was why she allowed pr'eng married n'eng.....but pr'eng married n'eng becuase he truely loved her.