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Michael Pataradet as Tan Chai Nareupat Ghitisakyotin (Pat)​
Nareupat or Pat was born into a noble family. His family status commands respect, loyalty, and power. The entie country knows Pat as a playboy heir. Everywhere he walks, there is bound to be a trail of heartbreak and women who throw themselves at him. His life is turned upside down when Parima walks into his office in tow with a baby. Pat impulsively accepts the child as his, knowing wholeheartedly it is impossible. He invites Parima to live with him pending DNA results of baby Areeya. To his surprise, his mother and grandmother who despise all women in his life, comes to love Parima. They give her a complete makeover and turn her into a girl worthy of nobility. Prior to her makeover, Pat saw her as nothing more than a common girl. However, with her new look she is another conquest he wishes to conquer. However, this poor simple girl isn't easy like the women in his high society circle.
Bow Maylada as Parina Maneekun (Rina)​
Rina was entrusted to care for her best friend's daughter when her best friend passed away. As her friends dying wish, Rina finds the baby's father. She finds herself in a awkward situation when he asks her to move in with him. Her journey to understand this man society labels as a casanova is nothing short of a rollercoaster. She finds herself willing to submit to his every desire knowing she could get burned. The day will eventually come when she has to move on with her life and leave baby Areeya to her father, and on top of that leave the man she so readily handed her heart to. When the day comes, would she be able to do it?
Grate Warintorn as Gritsakarn Burmthep (Grit)​
Everyone see's Grit as a carefree bachelor. He openly flirts with any women he deems beautiful, but his heart has always remained with one woman. Maybe years ago Grit made the mistake of hurting the woman he loved. His heart continues to long for her, but nothing can ever repair the crack he left in her heart. The mistake of betraying her ended their love for good, but now that she is back he refuses to let her go.
Kim Kimberley as Tan Ying Prataneeda Ghitisakyotin (Nee)​
Nee is Pat's younger sister and Grit's former girlfriend. She flew far across the vast ocean when he betrayed her heart by getting engaged to another woman. She thought a 2 years away would heal her heart, but the further away she was, the more she hurt. Ying Nee returns to Thailand in hopes of facing her biggest fears, and that is facing the man she once love. She believes if she is able to face him without feeling anything her nightmares will finally end. Upon her return she finds a more aggressive and protective man. He is willing to do everything to keep her within grasp. Will the man she tried so hard to forget, once again be the bearer of her heart?​

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The room was busy, but Parima could feel the judgement coming from those within it. She sat there rocking the crying baby as she hummed a soothing lullaby. The corner of her eyes scanned the room, watching, feeling, and avoiding the eyes that questioned her. What were they thinking? Did they pity her for having this young baby with her? Did they believe her to be a woman attempting to trap their precious CEO with a baby? All of this was moot as all she truly worried about was the baby in her arms. She promised her dying best friend that she would make sure baby Areeya reached her father, Tan Chai Nareupat Ghitisakyotin. However, before she could fully hand over baby Areeya, Parima wanted assurance that he was a worthy father for her God daughter. Surely, she would not leave a baby she loves as her own with a man she hardly knows.
“Khun Parima, Tan Chai Nareupat is ready for you.” The pretty secretary who introduced herself as Malissa said upon exiting the double doors that sat across from her.

Nareupat dropped the pen on his desk and set his sights on the double doors into his office. He wondered business what this, Parima Maneekun could possibly want with him. Her name didn’t ring a bell, if she was one of his conquests, she would not know they are not to ever come to his office. His face filled with confusion as a young, tired, and ragged woman walked in holding a baby. He knew he definitely didn’t know this woman. Maybe she came to the wrong office?

“Hello, how can I help you?” Nareupat said standing up to great Parima. “Take a seat.”
“Hi, I umm… I… my name is Parima.” Parima stammered before taking a deep breath and shouting out, “and this is your baby!” Nareupat took a step back before looking at the woman in confusion.
“I think you have the wrong guy, I don’t even know you! I don’t recognize you. I’m sure I would remember getting in bed with a …”
“Oh no, no. This isn’t my baby. Areeya belongs to my best friend. Her mother is the one who…who…who…”
“Who what? Slept with me? It’s ok, you can say it.”
“Errr, yes.” Parima said.
“Ok, who is your best friend?”
“Her name is Matharada or Mat Supwansinee.”
“Khun Mat?” Nareupat repeated before taking a seat. “I don’t understand, why didn’t she come herself? Why didn’t she call me?”
“Mat, Mat, She’s gone. She died 7 months ago, shortly after giving birth to Nong Areeya.”
“What? Mat is dead? How could that be possible?”
“I… I couldn’t believe it either, but before she died, she asked me to make sure I return your daughter to you.”
“Wait… this is..”
“Yes, she is your daughter.”
“I…” was going to say this isn’t my daughter, silly girl.
“You what?”
“I don’t know what to do from this point on. Do you want me to take her home? Do you need money?” Pat said confused and shocked.
“No, we, I don’t need your money. I am just doing what her mother asked me to do. I am returning your daughter to you.”
“Ok, I will have someone from home come and take her home.”
“Excuse me?”
“I agreed to bring her to you, but first I have to make sure you are fit to be her father. I came to inform you of your child. I also want to make arrangements for you to spend time with her and get to know her. When I feel that you are good enough, I will leave her in your care. I am her God mother and responsible for her.”
“No offense, but you showed up to a stranger’s basically doorstep and tell him he has a child and you want to make demands?”
“I… I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be so aggressive, but as I said, I am responsible for her. If you don’t believe she is yours, we can do a DNA test.”
“Don’t you worry, I will definitely do one. First, lets discuss this spending time with her thing. Where are you staying?”
“I am staying at a small apartment outside of town.”
“Why all the way outside of town? I live in the city, how will I spend time with her?”
“I… I can’t say.” Parima responded hesitantly. Pat knew just by looking at her that it was a financial issue.
“Ok how about this, you two move into my place so I get all the time I need with her, and since you are her God mother, I will pay you to be her nanny during this arrangement.”
“I … move in with you? I don’t know you, and I will not take payment for caring for my God child.”
“I don’t know what else you expect me to do, my hands are tied then. I can’t very well drive out close to 2 hours just to see her.”
“I can bring her to you.”
“And travel with my infant daughter? Risk her safety? Don’t be stubborn. My place is huge, and there is everything you will need to care for her. You can be a guest until she is ready to go. You can continue to work and do as you need for yourself financially, but with the added responsibility of caring for her in my house.”
“I don’t understand, why are you so accepting? Mat was sure you would be very stubborn.”
“Don’t worry, depending on the results of that DNA test, we will see where this goes. So should I send someone to gather your things?”
“No, I can do it myself.”
“Very well, I will ask my driver to take you home and gather your belongings. I will not have you take the bus carrying around a baby. If you don’t mind, could you please wait in my personal conference room? I will have Khun Malissa escort you. I have a conference call I have to make soon.”
“Oh not at all, I am sorry to come take up your time during work.” Parima said letting herself out. As soon as Parima walked out of his office, Pat immediately dialed his best friend Grisakarn to tell him of the strange encounter.
“ If it isn’t your baby, then why did you accept responsibility?” Grit asked confused.
“Well, if I denied that I was the father, she may flip out on me, threaten to take me to court, and stuff.”
“So what? You have DNA to prove it isn’t your baby. I bet it’s because she was hot.”
“Dude, you invited her to live with you in your house. I can’t even begin to imagine how your Tan Mae and Tan Yai will handle it. What are you going to tell them?”
“The truth.”
“They are going to think this crazy girl is out to settle you.”
“I’ll handle them. I don’t know why either, I felt compelled to help this poor pitiful looking girl out.”
“It’s probably fate man.”
“Fate? Yeah right, I don’t believe in it and this girl isn’t attractive in the least.”
“Ugly Ducklings man.”
“I’ve got to go.” Pat said hanging up. As he put his phone down on his desk, it suddenly hit him. “Why did you make that offer towards her? Did you even think of the consequences to follow? Oh for f—ck sake!”
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Ohhhh there a baby :icon12::icon12: in here , good so far , I wonder who the father is if not Pat or is the baby his ?And how in the world you came up w/ the character name LOL