Nathalie Wong: The Guzheng Player


sarNie Juvenile
Part One:

***Anticipating for Namtan Mai I got an idea to write a short story for the ATEAM. Enjoy!

Aum entered his hotel, everyone greets him.

Sasi: "Good evening Mr.Atichart."
Aum: "Evening Sasi, how is everything going?"
Sasi: "Fine Mr.Atichart." He heard someone singing Aum stop to listen her voice was enchanting.
Aum: "Sasi who is that?"
Sasi: "That is Nathalie Wong sir."
Aum: "Wong?"
Sasi: "Yes she is new here, her father is Chinese and her mother is Chinese." Aum went to the entertainment area and spot her, she was dazzling, (This part was inspired by Jay Chou's MV "Fa Ru Xue") She was playing the guzheng in a white robe with half her hair down pinned back and singing a chinese song (Female Version of Jay Chou's Qing Hua Ci I'll post it later.) Her smile was enchanting and her voice was like a soft whisper.
Aum: "Sasi tell her to meet me in my office later."
Sasi: "Yes sir." He finished listen to her, she bowed and left. Aum was waiting impatiently for her.
Nathalie: "Hello." He turns around for some reason her heart beat faster.
Aum: "Hello Miss Wong I'm Aum Atichart, owner." She looked better up close if he could Aum would do it right there and now.
Nathalie: "Hello Mr.Atichart, actually it's Mrs.Wong."
Aum: "Married?"
Nathalie: "Yes."
Aum: "Damn it" "Is your husband here?"
Nathalie: "No he is back in China I came to get a job."
Aum: "Oh, sit down."
Nathalie: "I should get back to work."
Aum: "If you get into trouble I can get you out, I want to know about my employees." She sat across from him.
"Tell me do you play any other instruments?"
Nathalie: "Only the guzheng, pipa and piano."
Aum: "Guzheng?"
Nathalie: "Yes, it's a string instrument."
Aum: "I see. Any kids?"
Nathalie: "No, I've only been married for a year."
Aum: "Well that is all you may get back to work now."
Nathalie: "Yes sir." Aum need to find a way to get her for some reason his body was burning.

For the next few days Aum went to see Nathalie perform, she played well and brought in many customers. Click Here for the Song
Aum wanted to be near her everyday and just listen to her play. When she finished he went back to meet her, "Nathalie."
Nathalie: "Yes Mr.Atichart?"
Aum: "Just call me Aum. You play very well would you mind teaching me?"
Nathalie: "Sure." He will use this time to get close to her.
Aum: "Let's start now, please meet me in my office." Nathalie wasn't quiet sure what to do, this was her boss she couldn't disobey. Nathalie packed her quzheng and went in she could tell he already set up a place for them. Nathalie lay it infront of him and tried to guide him but he couldn't get it.
Aum: "Why don't you come here and show it." Nathalie was hesitant and shaky but she went over and sat while he stood and watched her play.
Nathalie: "You can use both hands." He went behind her and lay his hands onto hers,
Aum: "Like this."
Nathalie: "Ye..s"
Aum: "Don't be nervous, relax." He stroke her hair, her fingers tremble, he shouldn't do this, she was married but Aum couldn't control himself she was so desirable.
Nathalie: "Okay." She started to play again while his hands were on hers, slowly he moved them back to her robe and untie it. "Mr.Atichart."
Aum: (Whispers)"What did I say? Call me Aum." He pulls it off, another layer, "Man she wears lots of layers by the time I'm finished pulling it all off she'll probably run out already." She turned her face and he kissed her lips, she was more than desirable, he was hungry for her and burning. She didn't know why but every time he came to see her play, she would get excited but when he was near her body trembles. Her husband never showed this affection, he was always too busy with work and traveling they never spent a day in bed, after the wedding he went off to work. She let the moment last. There was another layer to go through, he was about to take it off but she pulled away and covered herself.
Nathalie: "I think I better go now." No, he wanted her to stay but she left already.


sarNie Juvenile
Part Two:

The next few days Nathalie tried to avoid him, when he told her to come get her guzheng she sent someone else to get it. When her work was done she quickly left, when he came to see her perform she tried to look somewhere else but her eyes always gazed back at him. He knew maybe they shouldn't move too fast but she made him go back for more. Finally he caught her.

Aum: "Leaving so soon?"
Nathalie: "No." She lied.
Aum: "Why have you been trying to avoid me Nathalie?"
Nathalie: "I haven't-"
Aum: "Don't lie, you can't even look at me. Face me." She looked up.
Nathalie: "Aum, I have to go now."
Aum: "Come let's go eat first." He held onto her hand and brought her to a restaurant.
Nathalie: "I'm not hungry."
Aum: "Order." She did and the waiter left.
Nathalie: "Is there anything you want?"
Aum: "Tell me why you have been avoiding me."
Nathalie: "I haven't it's just been busy."
Aum: "Nathalie don't lie to me. I know you don't want to see me so just say it."
Nathalie: "It's not that I don't want to see you, I do it's just..." His heart pound louder, she wanted to see him, maybe she may have some feelings towards him. She couldn't speak anymore, Nathalie ran outside.
Aum: "Nathalie wait." He caught up to her and put his arms around her, "Don't leave."
Nathalie: "Let go of me."
Aum: "No, I know you feel something for me too, just say it."
Nathalie: "Aum, please I'm married don't make this hard for me."
Aum: "I know, we both know but it's hard for me."
Nathalie: "Don't you think it's hard for me too?" He turned her around, "Listen to me Nathalie, I want to know much more about you, please don't leave now." He kissed her in his embrace, she pulled away and they went back inside.


Aum knows much more about her now, she was only married her husband because her family was indebt to them. They never slept together nor shared anything, he was her first, which made him happy. Aum would sit in the front row everyday watching her, and when she was done they would go out to dinner. Nathalie was much more comfortable around Aum and shared many things with him, more than she should but every time she was with him, all her stress melt away. This week her husband would be in town for a meeting.

Nathalie: "Aum, this weekend my husband is in town."
Aum: "Really? I guess we won't be able to see each other much then."
Nathalie: "Yes, but when he leaves..."
Aum: "It's okay no need for explanation let's eat." She love this about Aum, when she couldn't speak it he finished it and wouldn't let her worry, she kissed his cheek. "What was that for?"
Nathalie: "Just because you are so thoughtful." He smiled, "Thank you." They finished dinner and he drove her home.

Aum: "Good night."
Nathalie: "Night." She kissed his cheek and went home. While Aum was driving he almost hit another car.
Aum: "Who the?" He got out to see the person, "Are you alright?"
Man: "Yes I'm fine." He had an accent to his Thai.
Aum: "Are you Thai?"
Man: "No I'm Chinese my Thai isn't that good."
Aum: "Oh, are you okay?"
Man: "Yes, I'm fine. Would you happen to know Miss Nathalie Wong?" He froze,
Aum: "Yes."
Man: "You must be Mr.Atichart then, I'm Jack Wong, her husband."
Aum: "Nice to meet you."
Jack: "When I see her I'll be sure to metion you, good night now."
Aum: "You too." Aum was sad, her husband was here earlier than plan and tomorrow he was going to take her for a picnic.

Jack arrived at her house and knocked, "Jack."
Jack: "Hey. How are you?"
Nathalie: "Good."
Jack: "You wouldn't imagine who I almost ran into./"
Nathalie: "Who?"
Jack: "Mr.Aum Atichart." Nathalie froze and was scared.
Nathalie: "Really?"
Jack: "Yes. So how is this going to work? Are there two bedrooms?"
Nathalie: "Yes mine is to the left."
Jack: "Let me go freshen up."

Aum drove off he was angry but why would he be, this is her husband he should be the one who's mad.
He decide to call Nathalie. She saw his name and answered, "Hello?"
Aum: "I miss you."
Nathalie: "Listen I can't talk, are you alright?"
Aum: "Yes. Don't worry."
Nathalie: "If I can we'll meet tomorrow."
Aum: "Okay."

The next day Jack had to go to a meeting but he invited her along. She sat down next to him,

Aum: "Hello." She looked up, Aum, why was he here?
Jack: "Aum!" Aum looked over, Nathalie.
Aum: "Hello Mr.Wong, Nathalie."
Nathalie: "Hello."
Jack: "Okay everyone let's get started." Aum couldn't concentrate and stared at her, she looked back but glance else where once in a while so it wouldn't be so obvious. "That concludes the meeting." Everyone left,
Jack: "Aum."
Aum: "Yes?"
Jack: "I just want to thank you for giving my wife a job."
Aum: "No problem."
Jack: "Well I have to go now. Bye honey." He kissed her cheek which killed Aum, he didn't want anyone touching her and she could feel it. Nathalie watched him leave and was about to do the same but Aum locked the door.
Nathalie: "Aum."
Aum: "I miss you." He kissed her.
Nathalie: "Not here and now Jack is here."
Aum: "I don't care, I miss you terribly."
Nathalie: "I miss you too but when Jack is gone."
Aum: "Nathalie don't be mad but, my aunt wants me too meet her friends daughter." Her heart shattered,
Nathalie: "What?"
Aum: "Don't worry because there is only you in my heart." He hugged her and she felt secured.
Nathalie: "If you fall in love with her I'll kill you."
Aum: "(Chuckles) I like it when you are jealous."


sarNie Juvenile
Part Three:

The week that Jack and Nee was there killed them both. He didn't get to see her that often and skipped most of her shows he was too busy with work and Nee. She didn't want to play anymore, he wasn't there and at times she made a mistake. Nathalie hated him, at least call her, she missed his kiss and embrace. Jack wasn't a talker and romantic at all, all he did was work, work, work. She was lonely, Nathalie decide to take a walk, there were many stores but she didn't see anything she wanted. Nathalie entered a high fashion store and there he was with her helping Nee, Nathalie was about to cry, he never did that with her. Why would she be jealous? He doesn't even care or give her a call. She was going to leave,

Nee: "Nathalie!" Damn.
Nathalie: "Khun Nee you shopping?"
Nee: "Yes, isn't Aum such a sweetie, he picked these out for me." She knew Aum and Nathalie must have something she heard the staff gossiping.
Nathalie: "Very beautiful he has great taste." Aum could feel the jealously and he liked it.
Aum: "Khun Nee this one is also beautiful why don't you try it on?"
Nee: "Sure I'll be back." Nathalie looked away.
Aum: "Miss me?"
Nathalie: "No."
Aum: "Come on I know you are jealous."
Nathalie: "I'm not jealous."
Aum: "I can see it in your eyes."
Nathalie: "You think you know everything, how cocky."
He smile, she was so cute. "I promise I'll find time for us."
Nathalie: "Promise."
Aum: "Yes." He kissed her, Nee saw she was right they had something going on and she wouldn't let Aum go so easily.



sarNie Juvenile
Part Four:

Nathalie rushed home, she didn't want to see Aum, she wanted to tease him some more. Some drunk driver past by her, he ran the red lights she hope he got caught. Aum practically ran all the red lights to beat her home, he knew Jack wouldn't be home, he was at a meeting. He sneaked in through a window and waited for her. Nathalie got home and took out her Pipa.

Aum: "Rushed home." She turned around.
Nathalie: " did you get in here?"
Aum: "It should be me asking the questions."
Nathalie: "This is my house."
Aum: "And you disobeyed by rules, trying to avoid me."
Nathalie: "I didn't do anything wrong now leave."
Aum: "Kicking me out so soon?" He went over, she was sitting on a cushion, placed his hands around hers like the first time, now he wouldn't let Nathalie go so easily. He whispers,"Play something for me." She was about to oppose, "Or I'll kiss you." She began: Fa Ru Xue (Instrumental) he begins untying her white robe but faster this time, her hands tremble and she plays the wrong key, "Sh..relax" he got her down to just a white tube and pants, he starts at her neck, Nathalie drops the Pipa but the music still beats, he kiss her lips and removes her clothes, they breath hard, as the music projects so does their love, Aum reaches the point of climax (0:51), Nathalie is only wearing her bra and panties while Aum is down to his boxers. Like the music the passion slows down and raises again (2:25) he can feel she is sweating under, his hands move across her firm body, he can feel she is anxious but her kiss her whole body, this was her first time, her hands clutch onto him tightly and slowly loosen. When the music slowly dies he kiss her forehead and sleeps under her robe.



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ahhh.. i am so loving this!! :wub: xp..

love the music you chosed.. i'm a hardcore jay chou fan ehehe .. n his mv are superb.. xp..

ateam is a plus hehe.. xp..


sarNie Juvenile
ahhh.. i am so loving this!! :wub: xp..

love the music you chosed.. i'm a hardcore jay chou fan ehehe .. n his mv are superb.. xp..

ateam is a plus hehe.. xp..
Hahaha thanks. :D