Neak Mean Kun


It's been awhile since I watch khmer drama. I have to say this drama isn't so bad.  Plus I got my eyes on the lead actor.  Heheh
Has anyone watch it yet.  I'm going to star watching more khmer drama to see how far along they are.  There is still some glints here and there but it's not too bad.

The main lead name "Ho Norakmongkul"  aka Seng



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I don't watch Khmer dramas but.. wow, the main guy resembles Toni Rakkaen a bit in my eyes, based off that picture :)


He's one of the host/judge for Khmer Idol competition. The dude is 6feet.


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I haven't watched a Khmer series in a long time. I think the last one I've ever come across was the one with Tota as the main lead and Sineoun as the antagonist and I just wasn't feeling it. Is that Tem Rotha and Un Alisa I see on the poster? Since it's being produced by Phorn Phoung Bopha, it should be pretty good since she's one of the better producers and scriptwriters in Srok Khmer.