Need help with Old Borans


The Dahlia Goddess
Okay so I have 2 borans I've been trying to get their names and locate them on yt as well. I only remember bits and pieces of each borans so Ill say I'm sorry now.

The first one started off with a prince and his group of royal men who went on some kind of hunt or something and it was getting dark so they made camp. As they made camp, they saw ghosts, dancing fishes, etc. The prince dreamt of a kingdom suffering from giant vulture attacks. Eventually everyone in that kingdom dies but before they did, they placed their princess in a drum above the palace...I think. Something happens and the prince and his men come upon the deserted palace. They find the princess and the bow and arrow used to kill the giant vultures. The prince saves the day blah blah blah, takes the princess back to his palace, and uhhh that's all I remember but im pretry sure this was just the beginning of the boran. Again I'm sorry for the poor memory.

The second one starts off with a kid who had a birth mark on his face. (He was soo cute). He also had a magic ax that he carried with him? Don't recall what the plot was but he grows up to be macho and cute without the birthmark. That's all for this one. Any ideas?


The first one is Si Yod Kuman and the second one is Kwan Fah Nah Dum. These two are my favorites! Now I want to go watch them again.

cool :)

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JSYK @Ohoaddict , I hope you hurry up and finish watching these two boran lakorns and start your homework :kiss:


The Dahlia Goddess
@Bieluvr THANKS. omgahh now i need to try to hunt them down!! If you know a simple way, please direct me :woot2:
@cool missy. Na is still gonna have to wait a bit longer. Too many baes needing my immediate attention. JSYK.