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Chai Tea Vang said:
whah....his teeth looks kinda funky there.....
ick! probably bc he smokes <_<

I can't wait for it to come out. Karan Johar makes good movies :D


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your'e too funny..yeah..true..on that..could be that he smoke..

but still anyway..what's the plot on this?..and it's by Karen jOHAR..a partnership with yash chopra..any preview?..


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Supposedly this movie is gonna be a serious one for Johar. The pairs will be Shah Rukh with Priety and Rani with Abhishek. There were rumors that Shah Rukh was gonna play a Dad like in 3KG. Rani and Abhishek's life in the story is supposed to be rocked by a third person. That's all I know so far. If anyone else can fill in, please do.


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Some pics from the sets of KANK featuring SRK, Preity Zinta, and Farah Khan. Credits go to the orginal poster at Preity Zinta Fanclub Forum.

Source: Priety Zinta Fanclub Forum

Side note: Didn't he chop off the F4-do a while back?


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hey everyone... these are the latest pics of the upcoming blockbuster hit khabi alvida naa kehna..... starring srk.. rani.. abhi.. preity.. and big B... enjoy..... they're all looking so hott!!! can't wait for the film!!! :D

all credit goes to Dream Unlimited...

This is the official poster.... left side

Right side

These are the caps of the new promo....
credits to TB... :D

And this is the book cover of the movie



:w000t: finally they pair these couple again...rani with abhishiek and preity with shk! and again preity and rani get to work together! i love it when they work together!


I just cant waite to see it.... :w000t: :w000t: :w000t: I love these two couple.... they are really really hot together..... :w000t: :w000t: