Ngao Ah Soak (Exact)


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Best..tis is her first lakorn...she's in Love of Siam she played Mario's GF tat he dumped LOL...she's also Dan's GF in their Freedom VCD and she also starred in one of Bie's MV Someone...

she's reallie cute i won't deny tat but i can't get tat image of her trying so hard to steal the spotligh..makes me wanna puke
wat u mean by "stealin the spotligh". Wait i don't get the thingy mingy goin on with aom pyiada comparin with one another..can anyone explain??


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ok... i won't be able to watch it live or download it until later today... so if you guys see spoilers and SCs!!! whatever you can...i want to find out if his mother did die or if he finds out the truth yet....


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sunstar i like your avatar it's very lovely, where did you find it? don't want to see khun ying died! it will be heartbreaking and yesterday episode is enough for me :lmao: every time i watch the scene in the garden, everytime i cry :lmao:


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man im trying so hard not to cry so my husband won't think im crazy LOl
Edit: its so ironic when he said "if only i knew our time together was so short I wouldn't have done this." (meaning leave her for 8 years)
but in reality he kind of killed her because he decided to call Viyada and have her come down there.
I don't want to seem mean because Khun Ying Just died but that is what happened -.O at the same time no one is to blame for Viyada being a crazy bitch