Ngao Ah Soak (Exact)


sarNie Oldmaid
it's so sad, khun ying's death, the funeral... all is sad . it seems monthai starts to suspect viyada as his mom's "kheatakor" but i can make a mistake.

edit: the sadest part:
on the bed where everyone is crying, except viyada of course! this shaved whore pissed me off in the funerals! :arrg:


sarNie Hatchling
omg!!! you serious??? she died this episode?? i didn't watch it yet, but i'm going to now....
oh, i hope that it's not too sad...


sarNie Oldmaid
yes i'm serious, khun ying is died! at least at the end, viyada has a shocked face when the doctor came and said it's not a natural death but a murder (i heard "keatakam")


sarNie Egg
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sarNie Adult
I have serious love/hate issues for this lakorn. When Bee/Monthai are in a bubble together and I don't think too much of the story outside of the scenes I love them and it. When I think about the whole movie I hate it cause the characters are so dumb. I blame Bpee for the mom's death. She suspected what was going on and gave a free and clear way for Pei to kill her. She covered up Wee's crimes time and time again even at the expense of the Mom. She blames Monthai and say he is blind and dumb (which he is) but she's the one helping to cover his eyes. How can he know the truth when no one tells it to him and goes out of their way to deceive him?

She might have stood up to Wee finally but it's a case of too little too late. It took a death to make the idiot speak up? And even then she's not being 100% truthful. I would throw her ass in jail too for being an accessory to murder like someone said before.

And now I'm done w/my rant. :D


sarNie Adult
Vee A B%#^@%
Lol..So Yea The mom dead of scareness right
like she was scare to death or sumthin

But im was happy bee call her out.. Im Was Like YAY!
Finally She Say Sumthin


sarNie Adult
lol...wat does bee and wee talk about at the funeral?

can sumone translate that scene? and tell me? i only understood bits of the conversation...