Ngao Ah Soak (Exact)


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thanks for the summary tina, you made my day... i'm so happy and sad at the same time :lmao: no more "ngao asoke", no more monthai, no more bpee :lmao:


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I will wait to see Monthai in his next lakorn heheh I hope his role will be like this in this one a retarded blind pra'ek he's cute when he's dumb lmao


sarNie Adult
Ahhhhh i've been offline for two days <_< ugh

I've missed all the ngao asoke ladies so much!

Thanks Tina for the summary!!!

But yea wished Monthai suffered a bit more :lol:
Still happy they got together...what no last kiss us loyal fans...
hmmm this calls for a short fic for our p&p couple...steamy scenes anybody :ph34r: