Ngao Ah Soak (Exact)


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I don't think I am gonna watch the old version I mean is beautiful and I love her but I don't feel Ek in Monthai's role. Pong is just perfect for it!


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wow...the thread is moving so fast...guess we gotta do something while we wait for Monday to come!


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Oh thanks ka :)
Now I know who he is.
I seen him before just didnt know his name.
hehe thanks for sharing ^_^


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yea No Pro..hehe...
But I THink POng hawter Those..In Dis Vrsion I THink Its Better..I
...anywya arite p ;)


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Aww P'Tina you come back when i have to leave :p
hehe my little brother is getting on so bye everyone!! be on later tonight! ^_^


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raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawrrrrrrrr Pong makes me wanna get on his back and let him give me a piggy back ride .... he's so :wub: poochai arai sooooot hot loey