Nicole Kidman & Jimmy Fallon's worst 1st date?


sarNie Adult
I'm not sure if you guys have seen this but watch it! It's really the most hilarious thing I've seen on late night tv talk shows. Kidman and Jimmy talk about their awkward first meeting and then Nicole tells him she liked him back then and came over to get to know him. But Jimmy had no clue Nicole liked him and his reaction is so so funny.


sarNie OldFart
I've seen it! You can definitely feel the awkwardness. I love Jimmy. I would fall for him as well. He's so handsome and most importantly, he's funny! Too bad they're both married. But their partners look good as well so not exactly something to be sad about. I still think Nicole has a slight crush on him by her body language.


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Who wouldn't fall for Jimmy .. he's so funny and always have a charm of his own ... And we all know, funny men makes the best and perfect husband too lol 
Anyway, I have never seen this clip before .. they're hilarious and cute at the same time with this revelation lol 


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His face when she said that she liked him. He was so lost. AHAHA. I laughed so hard. Poor Jimmy. I wonder what would have happened if they actually got together. Jimmy is very charming. Poor him though. Haha. He's too funny! I love how awkward they felt around each other. Love how Jimmy kept saying that there's chemistry between them. HAHAH. Can't stop laughing. 


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The awkwardness is hilarious.  There could've been a "thing" in the past, but it's ok, they both have their own lives and a wonderful family of their own now. 
Hahaha, poor Nicole though, crushing on Jimmy but he supposedly had no interest because was clueless ahahaha XD


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^Glad there's no regrets in this as well .. love their awkwardness (have to watch it again).


sarNie OldFart
Jimmy to me, is  not handsome by any means but he is charming. He seemed like such a cool guy to hang around with. And yes, the humor is to die for. He's funny without try hard and that's a plus. Something about him makes him attractive.
Nicole is suited better with Keith because both are tall. I never saw her stand next to Jimmy but it looks like she'll tower over him.


sarNie Adult
He was nervous that she was coming and didnt know what to buy, but ended up playing video games? Lol too funny, awkward and cute at the same time hahah