Nine Muses


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so.. what do you all think of them so far? i was actually really anticipating for them since i loved their song for prosecutor princess.. hmm but i might've been biased too since my lovely seo in young was featured in there... lol.. but hmm.. i'll just have to give them some more time.. lol.. because it's already rare-ish for me to like korean girl group these days..

in my opinion, they need to work more on their vocals..

i will come add info & pics later.. blah blah blah..



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here's their debut on M! Countdown & Music Bank performing their single "No Playboy"




Star Empire has some good looking people. I remember I saw their trainees (that are now established into groups) a while ago, including Nine Muses. They have some really distinctive voices, I likem'! "Give Me" will always be my favorite. xD


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honestly, i actually wanted the girls of TEAM A to have debuted all together.
but it was only 3 members from TEAM A that debuted in Nine Muses... the other 6 girls were either from TEAM B, actresses, or models or something.
so i was a little eh about them, because i wasn't sure how they would be like.
all i remember is that Sera, Sam, Jaekyung, i forgot the later two real names, had practices that i saw and i thought they weren't that bad in vocals.
and i honestly think it's just the song that doesn't show case their voices that well, just like how Girl's Day was.
anyways, i can't wait for another song from them to come back with and show people that they have talent.