NOON Sirapan and Tangmo


sarNie Adult
hump... i don't really recognize thangmo in this shoot- she looks kinda weird- not like herself.... but the shots are still nice though.


sarNie Elites
noon looks like a younger version of tu nopol's mom, you know the old lady that plays pancake's grandmother in wimarn mangkorn. and tangmo got something done on her face, i can't put my finger on it but i think it's a nose job.


sarNie Juvenile
i LOVEEE noon, shes sooo cute n pretty!
im not sure who the other girl is...
but noon is just too adorable!


sarNie Adult
Wow, those are some HUGE hats Noon has on there.

Tangmo looks alittle odd to me too... the photoshoot makes her look aged. And did she get rounder in the face? Maybe it's just the big hair that makes it look that way. But I don't think this is one of her best photoshoots.

itS aNn

sarNie Juvenile
mo's face looks rounder.... she looks different.


sarNie Juvenile
Noon look so beautiful in all of the pictures. love how she can make everything looked good on her. i love her.


noon & mo. :wub: although i have to say i don't like how the shoot makes mo look. she kind of even looks like a completely different girl. :rolleyes: