Ntseeg's new album release


sarNie Egg
Hi everyone!!

Ntseeg is having their first album released this weekend at the Oshkosh Labor Day weekend, August 30-31st. Go check them out and support them. Ntseeg is a hmong rock band from Wisconsin and if any of you haven't heard of them, go check them out on youtube.


sarNie Oldmaid
i just check them out on youtube.

i have say, i dont like those kind of songs. lols.. not into rock.

but its kewl. ;)


sarNie Adult
Their lead singer is pretty good but I guess it's the music style that gets to some people...
Maybe if I go I'll check them out since one of their singers brother is a college classmate :)
Those of you who like music should support them too :)


sarNie Egg
the ones on youtube are just their copied songs. but i've heard their album already and it's actually pretty good which surprises me cuz i'm not into rock music either.


sarNie Adult
i like the lead singer's voice. he sings thai VERY well, but yea, im not a rock fan either...but if the music isn't like HEAVY METAL(which i HATE), then maybe i'll support them..

the lead singer's performance at SEA GAMES was great tho.