Nueng Raitai


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Yes, it is true that Ann die in the end, it was so sad, I cried for 20 minutes :wavecry:

Here's the summary of it from Lakorn Admirer

Ann lives with her dad, grandma, and two aunt’s. One of her aunt is her mom’s sister, Na Karn, she is secretly in love with Ann’s dad. The other aunt is Ann’s dad’s sister, who’s really mean. Ann’s grandma doesn’t really like Ann because she’s such a spoiled brat and the fact that she is not a boy. Yada’s family consists of just her and her mom. They’re really close and her mom’s a real beauty. People whisper about Yada and her mom when their at the mall cause her mom’s real pretty and she’s not. Oil lives with his parents and younger brother.

Ann and Oil have known each other for a while because their father’s are like best friends. I think Ann likes him, but it seems like Oil only sees her as a sister, but his younger brother, does like Ann.

Yada is like the class geek at school. Her hair is a big hairball and she wears really thick glasses. She really admires Ann though, but Ann doesn’t really notice her. There’s these three girls who always pick on her, and one day Ann helps her, starting their friendship. Ann helps Yada get a makeover and now you can see Yada’s beauty. When Ann introduces Oil and Yada, I think Yada gets a crush on him. He is also amazed by her.

Well, the story goes on, and Ann and Yada find out that their parents are getting married. They are excited that they are going to be sisters. But then somehow Ann gets it in her head that her dad will no longer love her and that they will have a new child and that Yada will also be loved more than her. Ann had volunteered to set up the wedding plans. She goes with Oil and Yada to the hotel to make the party arrangements. Ann would ignore Yada and only asked Oil for suggestions. Oil notices this and told Ann to ask Yada. Ann says that Yada is not good at making these decisions and that she was the perfect one to make decisions.

The hotel coordinator is going to take them to the ballroom, but Yada is hesitant to go so Oil encourages her, but Ann comes by and says that Yada can wait outside. When they get into the room, Ann acts as if nothing has happened, but Oil brings up the situation. Ann gets mad that Oil is on Yada’s side and decides that she wants to go home. They meet Yada in the lobby and she suggests that they stop for food. Ann says no and that she wants to go home. Oil sees what Ann is trying to do so he suggests to take Ann home and then he will take Yada out to eat. Ann gets upset, so Yada says that she doesn't want to go if Ann doesn't go. Ann then says that she will go for food.

The wedding day comes and Ann is telling Oil how everything was going well and that she didn't have to ask Yada for any advice. She says that she has changed Yada herself and that she doesn't need to ask her for opinions cause they don't mean anything. Yada overhears this and Oil tells Ann to stop. Ann turns around and sees Yada, but Yada says that she needs to go to the restroom.

Later, Oil finds Yada sitting alone and sad, so he tries to cheer her up. He tells her that Ann doesn't mean what she said and that she was sad to know that yada had heard what she said. Yada finally smiles and Oil says that they they should go into the party and that Yada should keep smiling and show her mom support. When they get into the party, Oil and Yada sit together. Ann notices and gets jealous. When its time to cut the cake and pass them out, Oil and Yada go together. Ann is even more jealous, so she goes to talk with them, but then is called on to the stage to sing a song. During the song, Oil and Yada sit at the table, and because Yada is clumsy she spilled some water and Oil dries her hand. Ann sees that Oil is not paying attention to her and runs out. She goes to the lobby and cries and has her headaches again.

Oil and his brother come to visit Ann at the house the next day and they decide to go out. Yada walks in and Oil invites her to come with them. She is happy and was about to accept, but Ann says that she can't go cause she still has to unpack. Oil says that they’d only be gone for a couple hours, it shouldn't be a problem, but Ann insisted so they left without Yada. At the restaurant, Oil gets a phonecall and walks away from the table. Meanwhile he’s gone, Ann tells his little brother, that he can’t stop loving her and especially to not love Yada. Oil overheard this and is worried

Now that Ann and Yada are living under the same roof, there is a lot of tension. Na Karn very much in love with Ann’s dad,s o she’s trying to trick Yada’s mom, so she tells Yada’s mom that she can move Ann’s mom’s portrait into another room, so Yada’s mom does move it. When Ann sees that her mother’s portrait is gone, she is furious and holds a family meeting. Na Karn says that she didn’t tell Yada’s mom anything, but then Ann’s grandma came in with another servant and said that she had a witness, so now Na Karn is kicked out of the house, but they are going to let her stay at an apartment nearby because she helped raise Ann.

Later, Ann gets in trouble again and gets hit by her dad. She runs away and moves in with her aunt. Oil goes to pick her up the next day to take her to school and she is happy because she would have had to take the bus. Oil overhears Na Karn telling Ann that she can not let Yada win, so Oil goes to talk to Ann's dad and says that he should go pick her up. At the end of the day, Oil drives Ann's dad to pick up Ann and Yada, but she says that she will not go until he kicks Yada and her mom out. The dad says that she knows that he can't do that, so Ann says that she wil not retrurn home then walks away. Oil drives Ann's dad and Yada home. At home, Oil and Yada go and talk by the pool. She lets out all her feelings and cries. Ann’s other aunt sees this and goes to see Ann at her aunt's house to tell her what she saw. Ann is mad!

The next day, Ann’s dad buys her a yellow buggy to get her to come home, and she does. She comes back and pretends to be all nice to everyone, even to Yada. But of course, she’s only nice to Yada around their parents, but I think Yada’s mom knows that something is wrong,b ut she doesn’t’ say anything to her husband. She asks Yada, but Yada doesn’t tell her. Ann would pinch Yada and do all sorts of mean things to her. One day,w hile they were going to school, Ann made their driver stop and made Yada walk to school. The driver told Yada to come back in the car, but she refused for she knew what Ann could do to her, so she walked the rest of the way.

Well the story continues and I think it’s Ann’s grandma’s birthday,s o they have a party for her. Yada gets to dance those traditional Thai dances and I think Ann gets to sing (havent’ seen it in a while). At this time, Yada’s mom is pregnant, but she doesn’t want to tell anyone yet, only Yada. I think she’s afraid the grandma will be disappointed if the baby turns out to be a girl, not a boy.

On the day of the party, Ann sticks a needle in Yada’s outfit and so as she is putting on her outfit, Yada is strucka nd hurt with the needle. She knows Ann’s the one behind it. Ann gets to go on the stage before Yada, so as she is leaving, she drop thumbtacks on the floor because she knows that Yada is performing barefoot. This was her and her dad’s sister’s idea. Well, Yada performs and she steps on the thumbtacks. They go through Yada’s arms feet. Oil, his family, and Yada‘s mom rush her to the hospital.

Meanwhile, Ann’s dad finds a box of thumbtacks and he questions Ann. She gets upset that her dad would even assume it was her, but I think her ad knows she did it, so he yells at her. Then, doing what she always does when she doesn’t get her way, she runs to the room where her mom’s portrait is and talks to her mom. I think she says that her dad doesn’t love her and all these stuff, purposely to make her dad feel guilty. Well, Yada, Yada’s mom, and Oil and his family get back from the hospital and Yada’s mom talks to Ann. She tells Ann that she is not trying to replace Ann’s mom and that her dad loves her very much. She starts to listen to her, but then her dad’s sister says something and Ann tries to break herself free from Yada’s mom. As she struggles to break loose, she accidently pushes Yada’s mom down the stairs. Yada’s mom is unconscious and Yada is furious at Ann. She says she hates Ann and tells Ann that her mom is pregnant, which shocks everyone. Yada’s mom is rushed to the hospital. At the hospital, they say she’ll be all right, as well as the baby. Ann’s dad is very disappointed in Ann and he doesn’t show much care in Ann any more.

One time, as Ann was at the hospital,s he gets one of her headaches and a doctor helps her. He has her get her head check and they find out she has a brain tumor. Ann is scared, but she can’t tell anyone,s ops he keeps it to herself. That night, as she went home, her father told her that he doesn’t care what happens to her. Even if she died, which really hurt Ann. She’s no longer mean to anyone. Now Yada is mean to her and shows her hatred towards Ann. Ann tries to fix all the bad things she’s ever done, but no one trusts her anymore. She is excited about the baby, but she has no one to share her feelings with.

One day, Ann talks to her grandma and tells her grandma to love the baby no matter what gender it would be. I think her grandma thinks that she is trying to start an argument so she gets mad and yells at Ann, so Ann has no choice but to leave. Ann goes and checks up on her condition herself without anyone, and because no one really cares about her anymore, no one really notices her.

Oil’s mom doesn’t like Ann anymore,s o she doesn’t let Oil go see Ann. Oil, and a guy that goes to school with Ann and likes Ann, are the only people who seems to still care about Ann. They notice that she doesn’t look well, but she assures them that she’s fine. One day, Oil comes and picks her up from school. They go to the beach and Oil calls Yada to let Yada know that Ann is with him, in case they got worried about her. They stay there til night. Yada is quite angry at this.

When they get back, Oil’s mom is quite angry at them, too. I think she thinks it’s Ann’s fault that her son was gone, but Oil tries to tell them that he’s the one who took them to the beach. Ann gets upset and says that it is her fault. She’s the one to blame and goes to her room.

Ann starts to realize that Oil only sees her as a little sister, and that he likes Yada. Ann also knows that Yada likes Oil,s o she tries to pair them up, but Yada thinks she’s trying to make a fool of Yada, so Yada yells at her. Ann is hurt and tells Yada that Oil doesn’t love her, he only sees her as a little sister. Yada is the one that Oil likes. Yada is touched and she and Ann reconcile their problems. They’re now good friends again.

At school, there’s going to be a play. Ann gets to play as the Pra’ek and Yada gets to play s the Na’ek. During the play Ann gets into her headaches and she apsses out, on stage. She is rushed to the hospital and everyone learns of her conditions. Everyone is sad and scared. Even Ann’s grandma and her dad’s sister. Yada’s mom has the baby, and brings it in to show Ann. Turns out that the baby’s a girl. Ann gets to reach out and touch the baby before she passed away.

In the end, Yada’s mom, Ann’s dad, and Oil are at sea, discarding Ann’s ashes into the sea.

But alas, like all tearjerkers, tragedy struck. What that tragedy is, and how it ends, you'll have to find out on your own.

The End


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This lakorn was alright (not so good, no offense anyone).

Oil wasn't really needed in here, any guy would have suffice, the truth is, this lakorn didn't need a p'ek. He had the smallest amount of screen times compared to all other actress or actors in the series.

As for On and Ann, their acting wasn't too convincing. Basically, the lakorn was in itself a disaster.

No offense anyone.


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:wavecry: this lakorn sounds good and sad at the same time!! i wanna see!! :wavecry:


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you hate ann so much throughout the lakorn but you really learn to love her! i cried sooo haaaarrrrd! i still remember this lakorn.


Does anyone have this lakorn? It sounds really really good. Awww i feel sorry for Ann and if i was in her situation I would've done the same thing to yada and her mom. I know I sound mean but when someone is seeming as though they r taking all the love away from u, it hurts!


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Actually one of the main reasons you could blame her being mean is because of her brain tumor. It sometimes causes a personality change. There was this one case where this guy got off from killing his girlfriend because he had a tumor and the doctors said that it increased aggression. Then you add in her 2 aunts and her grandma plus all the changes and it was bound to happen.

Anyhow the lakorn was ok overall, not really a romance thing but it was so sad from the time she found out about her cancer till the end. The saddest part I think is when she's standing out in the rain and her dad tells her that he doesn't care what happens to her anymore and leaves her out there in the rain and she whispers "Dad, I have cancer" to herself. Oh and I kind of blamed it on Oil too. He was too wishy washy. He started out crushing on Ann and ignored Yada until Ann gave Yada the makeover. Ann asked him plenty of times who he likes, her or Yada and he never gave her a straight answer.


this topic is so old... but i just love this lakorn! gotta put my 2 cent in! ^_^ this lakorn was such a tearjerker! at first i hated ann & was all about on. Ann was just cruel to On! but then everybody turned her back on Ann, except Oil & i began to feel sorry for her. I was crying so much in this lakorn... man... it was just sad.

by the way: does anybody have the sountrack to this lakorn??? i've been going crazy trying to find it!


this lakorn was boring and stupid but in the end i just loved it. i cried the day neung[ann] found out she had tumor and she turned good again. and true oil was not neccessary to be in the lakorn. it was good with or without a pra ek. neung was not mean from the beginning she just misjudge and turn to be mean. the thing that bother me about oil's character is that he seemed to have loved neung more than yada so it didnt make any sense to me that oil got to be with yada.


this lakorn was boring and stupid but in the end i just loved it. i cried the day neung[ann] found out she had tumor and she turned good again. and true oil was not neccessary to be in the lakorn. it was good with or without a pra ek. neung was not mean from the beginning she just misjudge and turn to be mean. the thing that bother me about oil's character is that he seemed to have loved neung more than yada so it didnt make any sense to me that oil got to be with yada.

awe Fun, you didn't like it?! it's one of the saddest lakorn i've seen. but it is true oil wasn't really necessary. I swear after watching Ann play a total bitch, i hated her for a while. :lol: