"Obstinate Candle"


sarNie Egg
“Obstinate Candle”

Great Warintorn as Chon
Mint Chalida as Aem
Aem (Chalida) is the daughter of Yong, a successful resort owner. Yong & Aem have a special kind of relationship. Since Aem was 8 years old, she only had her dad by her side. Aem’s father is the apple of her eye. On the other hand, she’s spoiled & surpluses to get anything she sets for.

Chon (Great) is also a resort owner. He has a great sense of humor but is not so called polite. Chon is sharped mouth & speaks exactly his mind. He lives with his father & step mother.

The two somehow ends up living together when going to Korea for a conference. Bickering & arguing, they manage to work things out. But of course, every love story has a twist! Stay tune for my update!!!~