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This is where I’ll be writing scenarios of things that could of happened or did happen that wasn’t in the script in the drama. I hope you enjoy! -I’ll also info in which episode I’m referring to.

Ep. 5
-Fah opened her eyes looking seeing Naht’s face, no realizing that her arm was around him. A light smile spread around her face. Fah then tried moving her hand, then realizing Naht’s arm was on top of hers on his. Fah quickly tries to remove her arm but Nath grabbed it. “Let go of me.” Fah said trying to loosen her arm from Naht’s grip. “Stop it, you’re interrupting my sleep.” Naht said turning to face Fah. He grabbed on to Fah’s waist pulling her closer to him. “Or did you wake me up to do something else?” Looking at Fah who was struggling to get out of his arms. “Yes, to take me back home.” Fah said putting her arms in between them. Naht tried to make eye contact but Fah just turned her head away. “Well if you want to go home, ask me nicely.” Naht said smiling. Fab turn to look at Naht, “You tried to run me over with your car, hurt my ankle, and Kidnap me, and you want me to ask you nicely to send me back where you found me?” Naht’s smile died down, he took his left hand to wipe the tear that was falling from Fah’s eyes. Staring into Fah’s eyes, Naht felt his love for her grow a little more. Naht feeling bad and can feel his love for her showing, Let go of Fah and got up. Fah was confused about what he just did, but sat up. “I’m going to wash my face. When I come out we’re leaving.” Naht walked out to the back where there were tubes of water and started to wash his face, thinking about Fah. He peeked through the side watching Fah fold the blanket and tightning up where they were sleeping. Naht came out from the side, “Are you ready?!” Fah turned to face him, “uh, can I wash my face?” “Hurry up, I’ll be in the car waiting.” After Naht wall to the car Fah went to the back. ‘If I go to the car, will he really take me home? Maybe this is my only chance to get away. Ugghh, what am I thinking, he has to take you home.” Fah quickly washed her face and went into the car. “Are you ready?” Naht asked looking towards Fah. But she she just sat in silence, Naht grabbed the seatbelt from Fah’s side door, shocking her she stopped his hand with hers. “What are you doing?!” “You need to seatbelt, or you want to fly? And if I was going to do anything to you I would’ve done it earlier,.....unless you want to do it now?....” Naht said with a grin. “Oi” Fah looked at Naht with discuss, and turned to face the front. Naht grabbed the seatbelt and buckled Fah and drove off.

End of first scenario
-I hope you guys liked it. There’s more coming!
-Please do let me know how I can improve or so. Or what you liked or what you think I could do next time. THANK YOU!
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