Oh Mae Jao! An Angel Must Have Been Watching Over This Person


I almost had an heart attack. The man (I believe the person is a man) lucked out real good. If I was ever in a similar situation, I too would get out of the car and off the road.


. : Lady Yue : .
That is scary...driving in thick fog is like driving with your eyes closed, he was luckily smart (his car was in the road & more likely other drivers will crash his car since the weather condition was terrible) to do what he did. He seemed like he was not panicking & were able to get out the car easily, if someone in his case did not stay calm & panicked, they might just remain in their car.


sarNie Egg
how stupid. why are they speeding on a fog road? it's death when you are speeding. thank god he/she survived. worst case he could have flip over. people should slow down under poor visibility conditions and fogs!