Old actress Monlady Yumapai


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june said:
It was really harsh that you laughed at her sexual preference. I think she's pretty unlike actresses these days need plastic surgery to enhance their beauty. As for her getting to be nek, it was her acting ability; she can really act.
It seems that someone has a big time issue with this particular actress...
:lmao: i agree w/ you..some people just need to find other things to do besides criticizing other people..we get the fact you dont like her oanhc, u dont need to elaborate any more..let it be...

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LOL...I can care less of her sexual orientation and or preference but shocking to know that she's a lesbian; but that doesnt make me think less of her...

I thought she was pretty (although that's an ugly pic of her) and one of the best the N'ek back in the days despite the funky hairdos and the not so cool/ugly clothes...but what do you expect it's the style then and certainly can't compare it to the ones we have now...


sarNie Hatchling
She's one of my favorite actress when i was young too, she acted very good beside other actress and very pretty too... And tell you the truth at first i was shocked to know that she's lesbian... But it's up to her and we can judge or laugh at her sexuality because it's her choice, right?...

I nearly have all her lakorns...

*Bang sai thang : Saranyu
*Massaya : Saranyua
*The one with Sam Youranan (Where this one fell in love with her, in the real life).
* The slave lakorn : This lakorn was very very sad and cried from the part 1 to the end... Where in the end p'Num Sornram had appeared too hehe he was soo young...
* One lakorn with Bird Knom sneay knop peah" (in khmer title)
* Bomnol Sney where remark by Mam mcintosh with kong
and more...


sarNie Adult
morudee was one of the best actress in my opinion. so what if she's lesbian? she can still act.

i don't think she's ugly, though. of course..she's not as pretty as aump. but then again. that's because she's not plastic. ^_^

onahc, can you post your picture? i'd love to see how gorgeous you look compared to monrudee and many other 'ugly' actresses out there. :)


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I dont think shes all that bad looking. She starred in many lakorns that I enjoyed watching. Who cares about her sexual orientation.. at least she can deliever a superb performance in all of her lakorns.


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pichayaaznbabe said:
uh...so what if she's a lesbian? does that make her less human? anyway, her name is Monruedee Yamapai, and she was a popular and talented actress in her time. she's turned into a producer of some of Ch. 7's lakons.
^ yeah what's wrong with that? At least she's famous and not the ppl who makes fun of her aren't. Big time, she got the guts she's cool my mom told me about her. I always mistaken her for some other old actress -__-"

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Yeah, I'd like to watch Bang Sai Tong with her and Saranyu or any of her lakorns with him and get the theme songs. That one she had with Sam was also good. I think Kob and Brook have done a remake of it but nothing compared to her's and Sam's version.


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Wai Wai Noodles said:
Yeah, I'd like to watch Bang Sai Tong with her and Saranyu or any of her lakorns with him and get the theme songs. That one she had with Sam was also good. I think Kob and Brook have done a remake of it but nothing compared to her's and Sam's version.
Sawan Biang. I didn't know she was a lesbian but yeah who cares. I never saw any of her lakorns but I know that she was practically the big actress in her heyday. Most of her lakorns have been remade I think cause everytime something comes out my mom will be like she used to play it.


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I remember that lakorn sam and sawan biang. That was my first thai lakorn when i was little and I luv it. She is a great actress and i haven't heard any news at all about her.

I heard that Sam is into political...is that true?? :huh:


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my mom is a huge fan of hers. she recorded tons of her lakorns. i like okay. yeah she's not pretty, but she's a good actress.

as for the rumors of her as a lesbian, hasn't been proven yet. she just acts that way cause she's not interested in guys.

well she was suppose to get married to the guy that acted with her in the original dao pra souk, but they didn't.

then some say the prince of thailand wanted her, but she refused to hook up with him so she lied and said she was a lesbian. so he said that if she ever got caught being with a man, then he would kill her.

don't know how true it is. or anything for that matter.


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I stand by my word, she is very plain jane. She is definitely not n'ek material and I don't care that she can act because there are other pretty n'eks that can act out there. She was allowed to be n'ek because of family connections which I think is sad. She totally destroyed Ban sai tong with her ugliness. They should have chosen a much better looking n'ek to star with the very handsome Saranyu Wongkrajang. What a waste of such a classic lakon.


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Well, if you haven't notice, most of the n'ek back in the days were all not soo attractive like nowadays. And you know why? Because back then everything from the hairdo's to the wardrobes were all soo hideous looking!

GOSH STOP HATING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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She is consider one of the best actress, i like her and thought that she was pretty back than. I don't think we should compare her to this generation cuz things do change. As her being a lesbian , i heard about that, she was rumor to be with one of the miss thailand who is now marry to that old chinese guy and had a cute daughter , not quite sure what her name was.


umm...maybe you should post your picture to show how you look compared to monrudee. Calling someone plain ugly is totally disrespectful. I guess you think actresses who are plastics are pretty...people dont know what to do and have plenty of time to talk about people ugliness...look at yourself first before you call someone ugly...


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well you're hating her just cause you don't think that she pretty and cause of her family connections? well there are tons or other actresses and actors out there that got in the business because of their families as well. so at least monlady can act.


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it ok , " beauty is in eye of the beholder" ----> onahc , u want to trade ? can i get 'Ban sai tong'