Once Upon Your Shadow


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Okay, I admit, I've officially caught the GRGR fever, so another fanfic is born. I hope you guys will like this one. I will try to make this a short fanfic. Please bear with me. I'm kinna writing this story in bits and pieces. As of now, my beginning is a bit choppy as I am writing the middle of the story and it's ending first. So here goes...

Barry Nadech Kukimiya
Yaya Urassaya
Mark Prin Suparat
Mint Natwara

Urassaya Sperbund, or Yaya to her friends, have always dream of having her very own café shop. So when she landed a job at Gilt Enterprise, Inc., she felt one step closer to achieving her goal…until she meets Barry Nadech Kukimiya, a man she despised from an unfortunate encounter. But there’s more than to meet the eyes with this handsome but impossible man. And she soon found herself falling under his spell!

Mark Prin Suparat, an eccentric millionaire, shared a bitter history with Yaya. He had made the decision to leave once but will Mark love her enough to let her go once again?

A story of two loves and one heart..and a secret that may lead to an everlasting love.


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Okay guys, I'm almost done with chapter 1. Here's a little teaser from the chapter.

Spoiler WARNING! :D
He chuckled and picked up his pen to sign a document that was laid out for him before he came in. Just as he started to read the document, a frown formed between his brows. Isn’t this odd? He thought. For as long as he remember, he had never felt this excited about anything in his life… and over some practical joke to get revenge on a woman he hardly even knew. This is just isn’t him at all. Hell, he doesn’t even remember the last time he had played one either. Maybe he had during his high school years, but that has been about a decade before. So why is sitting here grinning like a fool over the fact that he’ll be getting a little just revenge on his unsuspecting nemesis?

let me know what you guys think so far. lol.


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I absolutely love the plot you came up with ! Seems to be a combo of intrigues, love triangle and revenge !.... And i also love the cast you have chosen, so juicy lol ! Don't hesitate, I am impatiently waiting for the first chapter :D
Okay guys, I'm almost done with chapter 1. Here's a little teaser from the chapter.

Spoiler WARNING! :D
He chuckled and picked up his pen to sign a document that was laid out for him before he came in. Just as he started to read the document, a frown formed between his brows. Isn't this odd? He thought. For as long as he remember, he had never felt this excited about anything in his life… and over some practical joke to get revenge on a woman he hardly even knew. This is just isn't him at all. Hell, he doesn't even remember the last time he had played one either. Maybe he had during his high school years, but that has been about a decade before. So why is sitting here grinning like a fool over the fact that he'll be getting a little just revenge on his unsuspecting nemesis?

let me know what you guys think so far. lol.
I'm loving this little excerpt!


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Please update soon, im holding my breath...


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Well, here goes the first chapter. Sorry for the long wait. Enjoy! ^_^

Chapter 1: A Game of Practical Joke, Part 1

The last thing on the mind of executive director Barry Nadech Kukimiya’s mind when he walked into the 20[sup]th[/sup] floor of his management office was seeing the face of last person he ever expected to see again. In fact, he had only met her once in his life, last week to be precise, and it was an encounter he wished to forget for the rest of his life. Thank goodness she hadn’t seen him as he continued toward his office at the opposite end of the floor, where he’ll be given some privacy before starting his day.

His manager, Mr. Chai, an elderly man who had worked in the company for more than twenty years and family friend of his family, greet him on the way and briefly reminded him about his upcoming appointments. He nodded at information and sent his secretary to make him a cup of coffee. After exchanging some words with Mr. Chai, Barry was left alone in the privacy of his office, the image of the dreaded woman in his office still fresh in his mind. What the hell is she doing here?

The day just started so he rejected the idea of any client coming in for appointment. It was a policy that they book their client, if any, after ten to give the staff enough time to prepare for the day, not that they’re inefficient in their work. Since he had taken over the executive department, he and Mr. Chai had made great effort to handpick efficient and experience staff to be the backbone of Gilt Enterprise, an international advertising firm whose name was now among the top five of the world’s leader in advertising.

Is she here to cause trouble?

The idea no sooner crosses his mind when his secretary walked in, his coffee in her hand, and asked what he wants to order for his lunch. He told her to get him the usual and thanked her for the coffee. She smiled and started to turn away when another idea popped into his head. “Did Uncle Chai mention anything about the new assistance he hired?” he asked, just remembering that his manager had been interviewing potential assistance for a new project they’re hired for.
“Yes, sir. Today’s her first day,” she answered. “Would you like to me to get her for you?”

He shook his head. “No,” he said. She nodded and was leaving the room when Barry decides he has a better idea. “Ploy, please tell Mr. Chai not to assign her to anything yet. And have him come see me for a moment.”

So she’s working here, is she? He though, a devilish plan started to form in his mind. How fortunate. His finger tapping on the desk, he started to recall an unfortunate and embarrassing accident that happened to him just a week before.
He was stuck in traffic and was late for an important meeting with a client when he decided to take a detour. It was the one of the worst decision in his life. Somehow, he managed to drive into street market on a busy day, and in between trying to avoid hitting people and navigating his way around the street, he ended up running over a girl. Well, almost would be a better word. But it’s not like it was his intention to hit her anyway. Luckily, she threw herself away on time and managed to escape freely with only some minor scrapes and bruises.

With a concern, he had helped her up and was ready to apologize, when the woman had the gumption to blame the accident on him. Even worst, when he told her he’ll be happy to pay for any damages and injuries, she had accused him of bribing her to get out of trouble. According to her, he’s a “spoiled load trash who thinks the world revolves around him.” To make matter worst, the audience they received had given their support to her, believing their worst about the rich and powerful.

The incident had left him disgusted, even though he knew that there are good reasons to believe why those people had ganged up on him. And it infuriates him more that a slip of a woman was able to get him riled to an impossible point. No one in his acquainted had ever done so, and she doesn’t have the right. It was his fault, damn it!
Oh, she may have embarrassed him that time, but now he has the upper hand. He smiled and thought of what she’ll do when she finds out that he will boss. Her face will be priceless.

He chuckled and picked up his pen to sign a document that was laid out for him before he came in. Just as he started to read the document, a frown formed between his brows. Isn’t this odd? He thought. For as long as he remember, he had never felt this excited about anything in his life… and over some practical joke to get revenge on a woman he hardly even knew. This is just isn’t him at all. Hell, he doesn’t even remember the last time he had played one either. Maybe he had during his high school years, but that has been about a decade before. So why is sitting here grinning like a fool over the fact that he’ll be getting a little just revenge on his unsuspecting nemesis?

It’s the fact that she deserve it, he assured himself. She needs to pay for embarrassing him like that. If anything, at least he’ll be able to get his pride back. And then I’ll stop, he promised himself. I’ll stop when she apologizes.

Urassaya Sperbund didn’t know what to do about her excited the moment she step foot into the 20[sup]th[/sup] floor of Gilt Enterprise. The advertisement firm is the rated top in the industry and offers great opportunities for graduates to add to their portfolios. Unfortunately, they only accept a maximum of fifteen top graduates per year and it was through sheer luck that Yaya was given a position among the few that were chosen.

“Yaya, Mr. Chai asked to meet you down the hall,” her new co-worker informed her as she walked by her cubicle. “He said something about having an assignment ready for you.” Yaya smiled and thanked Margie as she quickly tidy up her desk. Although her cubicle is located at the far end of the office, she wouldn’t have exchange it for anywhere else as she gets an excellent view of the city and a great source of sunlight from behind her. She quickly realized that except for the occasional moments where her colleagues need to speak to her or pass by to the storage room—which is not offend—her area is quiet and peaceful, in turn making it an ideal space for her to focus on her work.

“Margie said you wanted to see me?” she asked when she met her supervisor down the hall.

The elderly man nodded. “Yes, we have an assignment ready for you.” He handed her a black binder. “This is the complete details and request of a new client that recently signed up with us. Although they just started, their business is starting to attract many potential customers, mainly older audiences. They’re looking to have something that will also attract the younger audience and give their product a unique image. I want you to review these files and come up with some ideas. We will be holding a meeting for this sometimes next week. Margie will E-mail you the details.”

Yaya nodded and skimmed through the files. “But I need you to come up with a proposal and an itinerary for this project as I’m making you team leader,” he added. “It’s doesn’t have to be the final. I just need something to give the client by the end of next week. The final proposal will be discuss with the team and then finalize by the client.”

Surprised, Yaya looked up at him. “T-team leader?” she asked, puzzled when he finished speaking. “But I just started.”
“According to your portfolio, you ranked the top in your class, your work receiving many praises among both students and teachers alike and you would have been given a great opportunity to continue your study had you choose to accept it,” he stated, obviously felt that it was a good enough reason.

She felt a rush of heat on her cheeks. He was right. Although advertising is only her second major, she has excelled in it. But her dreams of owning a small café lead her to majoring in restaurant management and earned her degree in food and beverages service instead. So many opportunities that are offered to graduates that excel in the subjects are offered to her other classmates. But even then, she has no regret. Advertising is good work, but always have a passion to follow her father’s footstep. “Y-yes...I like advertising, but I always wanted to open a small café,” she replied.

“What a waste of talent,” the man said, dismissing the topic with a wave of his hand and handed her another folder. “I know this isn’t what you’re here to do, but there have been some problems with the storage inventory. Our superiors need someone to take a look and straighten everything else. Since you’re the only one that hasn’t been assigned a job, they want you to do it.” He watched her closely. “Of course, if you don’t feel up to it, you can refuse the assignment. We give that option to all our staff when they are assign projects out of their qualifications.”

Yaya had gained enough experience to know when she is being tested. “It’s okay. I’ll take it,” she said. “I don’t mind extra work. And this will give me an opportunity to familiarize myself with this office.”

A satisfied gleam appeared in his eyes. “Great,” he said, obviously liking her answer. “You and I will do well together then. I don’t like people who laze around and fall easily under pressure. According to the superiors, they will be assigning more projects to our department soon, so be ready. Also, I will be expecting your inventory report by the end of the day. And I want to see a draft of your proposal and itinerary by the end of the week. Now do you have any questions?”

She pointed out a few, in which Mr. Chai automatically answered and he left her to oversee the details of another project given to another team. Yaya watched in awe as the man walked purposely to his destination. He was obviously the backbone of the department, she thought as she made her way back to her cubicle.

“What’s all that?” Margie asked as Yaya went by her.

“My assignments,” Yaya answered, really looking at her work at for the first time. “It looks like a lot isn’t it?”

Margie gave her a sympathetic smile. “It’s not a surprise to get a lot of work on your first day. Mr. Chai isn’t the type to coddle you on your first day. In his mind, if you can’t handle what he gives you on your first day, then there’s no use keeping you.”

Yaya spend most of her first day running back and forth analyzing and sorting out the office inventories. At first she had though that her work only included the 20[sup]th[/sup] floor. But she found out otherwise when she realized that their department were also in charge of handling supplies and their building’s inventories. Because of this, she also found herself on all floors of twenty-five stories building. By the time she was able to get her report to Mr. Chai, the day is coming to a close.
If her supervisor was impressed with her work, she’ll never know, aside from the flicker of surprise as he skimmed over her work that quickly disappeared as it came. Instead, he told her that he’ll expect the same thing from her draft by the end of the week and send her off for the day.

She was exhausted when she got home. Without even taking off her shoes, she crossed her living and stalked straight into her bedroom, where she proceeded to lay down and closed her eyes.

Yaya wasn’t sure when she fell asleep, but soon her sleep was disturbed by the ringing of her cell. Grudgingly, she picked up. “It’s Yaya,” she answered.

“How was first day at work?” the voice of her best said without preamble. “Tell me all the details. I’m so excited to hear about it. Did you get any good projects? Was is hard? Easy? Come on! I’m waiting.”

A smile curved on her lips. “Relax, Ploy,” she said, rubbing her eyes with the back of her hand. “What time is it?”

“What time is it?” her friend asked, sounding shocked. “What di—don’t tell me I just woke you up.” It wasn’t a question.

A chuckled escaped her. “Yeah, just took a nap,” she answer, though a glanced at the clock told her different. “Wow, I guess I just took a long one.”

Her friend laughed. “Work must be something,” she said. “I don’t even remember a time when you sound so tuckered out.”

Yaya agreed and proceeded to tell her friend the events of the day, including her position as team leader in a new project as well as her day running up and down the stairs. By the time she finished, her friend sound concerned. “Be care Yaya. I know you don’t mind extra work, but don’t let them take advantage of you.”

She laughed. “It’s okay, Ploy. I know you’re concern, but I don’t that it’s a problem. My co-workers are very nice. They tried to make it as easy for me as possible. Some even offered to help me. But I need to prove my worth. What will I look like to them if I don’t pull some weight? Don’t forget, they’re a top notch firm, and it’s very hard to get a position there. I’m beyond lucky to be given this position, and you know that more than I do.”

“Yes, I do,” Ploy replied. “I worked so hard, but I wasn’t even on the consideration list. I don’t know how they pick their students, but their system must really be something because I was one of the top students and I wasn’t even on the list.”
Yaya shrugged, but then released that Ploy couldn’t see her. “Yep, it must be something. But don’t worry okay. I can handle this. Besides, you know that I don’t have a problem with saying no or standing up for myself.” She paused. “I think.”
They laughed.

It was the end of her second week and Yaya was no longer sure of her words to Ploy. In fact, it was a miracle at all to be able to get her draft presentable enough to turn in to her employer the first week. Following her first day, her second was very much the same, with Mr. Chai assigning and following up on her work and then giving her new demanding jobs that usually got her running all day.

At first, Yaya didn’t think any of it. After all, she is pulling her own weight around the office and her colleges were pulling their own. However, it was soon clear to Yaya that a subtle pattern was emerging. Though everyone was given office assignments, it was Yaya who always getting the assignments requiring her to pull extra weights, even with the help of her fellow staff members. Each day, Yaya would find herself too exhausted to even cook dinner when she got home. Her time home was usually spent on completing her draft and itinerary for her project.

When Margie started to notice her nodding off at work at odd hours, she encouraged her to speak to Mr. Chai about it, but Yaya had brushed off her concerned, stating that she’ll get the rests she need that weekend. But toward the weekend of the second week, even Mr. Chai started to exhibit odd behaviors when he would assign Yaya her work every morning. One of which is when he encouraged her to get help whenever she needs a hand and even extending some of her deadlines a few days later. It was something that he never done for anyone, according to Margie, who had worked in the company for more than five years.

“I’ve never seen him give anyone an extension before, not matter the problem. If one person can’t meet the deadline, he gives it to someone else who can. You’re the first, Yaya.” Margie stated, and then added. “And besides, even if he wants to give one, he’ll have to go through Mr. Kukimiya first. He’s the one who give a final say in everything around here.”
A frowned formed on Yaya’s forehead. “Mr. Kukimiya? Who is that? The CEO?”

Margie laughed. “Not a CEO, but our executive manager. Don’t tell me you’ve never met him.”

Yaya shook her head. “Really? I’ve never even seen him. Does he oversee our work?”

Another laugh came from Margie. “You need some sleep, Yaya. Not only is he our executive director, but Mr. Kukimiya is the head of this floor and a member of the board, although he is also the son of our CEO. His office is at the end of the main hall, through that glass door across the hall. Who did you think Mr. Chai go to whenever he needs report? I’m surprise with you. You should have at least seen him once. You’ve been here for two weeks!”

“No, I don’t think I have. I always thought that office was Mr. Chai’s.” She said, remembering all the times she saw Mr. Chai making frequent use of the place. But Yaya’s further questions were interrupted by Mai Davika, the secretary that works in the said office.

“Margie, I need help,” she said after nodding a greeting to the both of them. “Do you mind placing an order for Mr. Kukimiya’s lunch? I was stuck in meeting until now but I can’t stop to do it because I have to go to the next meeting with him. Do you mind?”

Margie cringed. “No, I don’t mind,” she said. “But I’m not sure if I can get an order in soon enough. It’s already noon and the Lion’s Den don’t take order after this time. You know that.”

Mai cringed too. “Do the best you can. If you can’t get it there, then just feel free to use another place. I gotta run. Thanks!”

The two girls watched her walk away before Yaya looked at Margie. “The Lion’s Den?”

Margie smiled. “A gourmet restaurant Mr. Kukimiya frequents. He doesn’t eat from anywhere else unless he decides to go out for lunch, which is not often. But I don’t know if I can get an order,” she informed as she reached for the phone and started dialing numbers. “The place doesn’t take orders after twelve and it’s already pass.”

Yaya frowned. “That’s odd of a restaurant.”

Margie rolled her eyes. “Tell me about it. It’s one of those things with those big fancy ones. They make they own rules because they can afford to. But the Lion’s Den is also very popular. They get hundreds of orders a day, so I can understand why.”

Yaya nodded with the information and returned to her desk. A few minutes later, Margie walked up to her and asked her to cover up for her while she pick up their director’s lunch, complaining along the way that restaurants should have better delivery service. She smiled at that.

Margie hadn’t been gone for fifteen minutes when Mai came rushing in looking for Margie. “She’s left a while back, Mai. I’m not sure when she’ll be back.”

Mai sighed and leaned against the cubicle. “Damn. And I hope it’s already here. Mr. Kukimiya will be killing me for sure. He gets grouchy around lunch hours. Shoot!”

“He sound like a strict boss,” Yaya said.

Mai smiled at that. “Strict, yes. But fair. It’s just around lunch hours when he gets cranky. So I usually make sure there’s food available. But now it’s look as if it’s heading into a bad day.” Mai sighed in defeat, then slipped pass Yaya to go toward the storage room.

Yaya raised an eyebrow at that and Mai laughed silently. “I’m procrastinating,” she informed. “If I’m getting in trouble today, might as well prolong if I can.”

Shaking her head, Yaya leaned down and pulled opened the bottom draw of her desk. A quick idea popped into her mind as she stared at the bento she placed in it earlier this morning. After putting it on her desk, she turned to Mai. “Why don’t you take this too him?” she suggested. “It’s my lunch I made this morning. Might not be gourmet, but people have complimented it a time or two. You just need to warm it up a little.”

Mai almost breathe a sigh of relief. “Is it spicy?” she asked, and quickly informed Yaya that her boss is not a fan of spicy food. At Yaya’s reassurance that it’s not, she smile and open the container to peek inside. “Wow, Yaya. You made this? It looks too delicious to be homemade. Are you sure you made it?”

Yaya laughed, blushing. “My parent used to own a small restaurant. I helped out during high school, so you can say that I gained some experience. That is just practice work for when I open my own.”

Mai looked amazed. “Wow, I didn’t realize. Thanks, Yaya. You’re a real life saver! I’ll let you know if he likes it. It’ll be your first critique.”

Yaya smiled as she watched Mai disappeared down the hall.

“You want me to what?” Mr. Chai asked is disbelief that same afternoon as Barry overview the day’s report.

Barry almost rolled his eyes. “It’s not a life sentence, uncle. I just want you to assign her to assist the Manning’s Field Project. They need an extra hand and I mentioned that I’ll send someone from our department.”

Stunned silence crossed his manager’s face as he tried to process the information. It was a long moment before he spoke again. “Since when did we start assisting other department if I may ask? In fact, not a single soul in this building would even dare to suggest such a thing, since the last time you blew up.”

Barry chuckled. “If you remember correctly, uncle, I didn’t blow up. I was furious that they kept pushing work on us when they knew that we are constantly on our feet.”

“What the difference does that make?” the man inquired. When he was met with silence, he continued. “You know, Barry, if you don’t mind me saying this. You’ve been acting strange lately.”

He arched a brow. “What are you talking about?”

The elder man narrowed his eyes as he stared at the man sitting across the desk from him. “Is there something you’re not telling me? Something that has to do with our newest staff?”

The young man tilted his head. “I’m not sure what you’re getting at.”

“Look, Barry. I don’t know what is the matter with you, but I’ve been noticing that you been assigning her odd jobs since the day she walked into this department. Not to mention that you gave her unbelievable deadlines and projects that has already been assigned to another group.

That is something you would never do, especially since you yourself had set the policies and standards.”

“Nothing is the matter, uncle. And I’m sorry that you have been seeing it that way, but nothing is untoward,” he said calmly. But Mr. Chai eyed him with skepticism. He sighed. “Uncle, you know me since I was a young child. Do you think I would set to abuse any of my staff?”

The two stared at each other for a good moment. “No, you wouldn’t,” the elder replied with resignation.

A knock on the announced the arrival of his secretary. With his lunch. A smile tugged at the end of his lips. “I was wondering if I will ever get to eat today,” he said with amusement.

Mr. Chai laughed. “I’ll leave you to your lunch then. I’ll be on the floor if you need me.”


As you guys know, I love reading comments. the more the better. keeps the spirit of the story alive and motivates us writters. :D Can't wait to read yours on this one. ^_^​


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Love it can't wait for more:.. Hope that he will eat it. But if he knows that yaya make it will be eat it? No lol.. Can't wait for next ch


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Thanks so much for the great update and I'm hooked already!

Cannot wait to see his reaction when he tastes her food. Gosh, Nadech is so mean. He intentionally assigned her so much work even though she just started working at his company. Of course, she doesn't know it yet.

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This so exiting !! I am really liking the story so far and cannot wait for Yaya to find out about Barry the Meanie ! Lol !
I can feel the heat of the arguments that are going to come up when they will come face to face ...
I like the fact that you made Yaya and Barry really strong characters who will speak their mind and defend their own corner so at least we know that they are going to be interesting opponents to each other. Lol
Please , please, please, don't make us wait too long for the next chapter cuz I am already hooked and cannot wait for Yaya and Nadech to meet at last ... ;)


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thank u lya, sounds so interesting! yaya is such a hard worker, naughty nadech bullying her ! thank u 4 pairing yadech in this ff, i 1 2 c their love develops ! m waiting patiently 4 yr update !


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i love your fanfics lya! please update soon, so curious to know yaya's reaction when she finds out who the boss is. 


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hi lya hoping ull continue this awesome ff when u hv time, love it ! nadech is so mean n its so nice 2 c yaya excel in cuisine ! tyvm key
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