[One Shot]Dear P'Mek


sarNie Oldmaid

Dear P'Mek,

My family has everything the world has to offer us. There really is nothing left that I could possibly want. That is what everyone made me believe until I met you.

I guess I can say the clouds surrounded me and prevented me from seeing the sky. My family was wealthy and had a large business to run. Dad always worked and I rarely had any time with him. I remember brief moments with him, but nothing that made me feel like I was worth his time. So I invested in trying to get his time by eventually helping the family at the office.

My older brother, Non was pretty much second in command at the company. He had more say and I understand it was because he is the eldest. I tried to help him and offer my assistance and I often did achieve my goal with that, yet I still felt like I wasn't good enough because I never received praise for it.

P'Greg, the second oldest had given up the throne as you pointed out to me. He was the lucky one. Dad didn't have time to lecture him and mom was too busy with her functions to worry about him. “As long as he doesn't come home with a baby,” mom would say.

Then there is me, the middle and eldest daughter. I worked at the office and then returned home late at night to sleep. That was life on a daily basis. Weekends were spent on work as well. No time to make friends. I didn't see anyone at home, ever. And I lacked passion for work. But I held onto it dearly.

I have two other siblings, Lisa and Man. They are twins. Lisa already announced her desire to be a stylist and Man, I never saw. He was always playing sports somewhere. I don't even remember ever talking to him. Mom took Lisa to her social functions often because she was a favorite for all the ladies and boys that were forced to attend with their mothers. Once again, dad had no time to lecture them.

One day, instead of going straight home, I drove to a nearby neighborhood and stopped at the intersection. I don't know what came over me, but I stopped for a really long time. Suddenly, my head hits the steering wheel and I feel a throbbing pain shoot through my head. I touched the pained area and looked at my finger. Red.

Next thing I knew, I woke up and you stood there crouching over asking me if I am alright. Your eyebrows furrowed with worry. I remember trying to tell you that I was okay, but no sound would leave me. I remember you assisting me out of my car and apologizing so much that I couldn't take it anymore, but I couldn't tell you it is fine.

I went through all the tests and finally you gave me a sip of water. I cleared my throat and I asked for your name. You smiled and jumped out of your seat. “You aren't a mime after all! I am so sorry! I was multitasking trying to find the new house my parents bought and stepped on the gas instead of the brakes.” I again asked for your name.

“It's Mekkah.” I thought how convenient that another cloud is in my presence. But, once you told me your full name, I knew who you were. Your name was plastered all over our office because my family had been trying to get a deal with your company for a long time. But I didn't care at that point. I asked you to be my friend to make up for it if you really were sorry. You agreed.

We attended galleries, coffee, and occasional walks along the river. Then you asked me to date. I said yes.

We met up at the movies, museums, and even picnics. Then you asked me to be your girlfriend. I said yes.

We met family. My family suddenly became interested in my life. I saw dad more often. I saw P'Non more often, and I got invited to functions, balls, and social groups with mom. I didn't say no. Still, it didn't feel right. However, because I took my weekends to spend time with you instead of work, I started to fall in love with you. And you made me feel right. You pulled me away when I started to feel cramped, you took me to gaze at the stars at night when I expressed how much I love them.

Then you asked me to marry you. I said yes.

Not once did you tell me you loved me before or even during the proposal, but I still said yes because I love you.

One day, you asked me to take time off work. I did because you asked. I met up and you drove me to the airport. Our destination, Alaska, USA.

Everything was planned out nicely. I had a sip of hot chocolate and fell in love. You gave me warm clothes and you held my hand as you pulled me to the banks of the lake. Besides you, the sky was filled with beautiful auras, auroras, lights, patterns, stars.

“Sora, ever since I laid eyes on you, I knew I wanted to be the a cloud to embrace you, not one that block you from seeing the stars. I knew you would be the one to understand me without having to say a word. I love you Sora.”

My first kiss.

“I promise that you will see the stars always when we are together. I promise.”

Now, I see you laying in this hospital bed with the heart monitor beeping telling me your heart is still working. But, the beats are getting slower as your heart is quickly deteriorating. I wish I could take care of you as much as you took care of me when we first met. It was certain that I would recover back then. All I can do right now is stay strong, not shedding tears to make you worry about me. I know one thing and that is I promise you that we will see the stars together again. I promise.



I am sitting here on a beautiful bench you gifted me on my birthday. A beautiful promise carved into the wooden piece. I rub my fingers atop of it as I hold my cup of hot chocolate. The home you built to surprise me as our wedding gift is everything I ever wanted in a home. The sky is beautiful.

I giggle as I look at my belly and imprints of Dao's feet protrudes through. I must record this to send to Dao's grandparents. They make Dao feel special in every way possible. Indeed you kept your promise of letting me see the stars always when we are together.


sarNie Granny
ahhhh . i thought One Shot are one night stand or excrotic scene LOLLL where are they ? it was a good bitter sweet story


sarNie Oldmaid
ahhhh . i thought One Shot are one night stand or excrotic scene LOLLL where are they ? it was a good bitter sweet story
You are too funny. It's up to your imagination. How did she get pregnant? Why is he in the hospital? IDK. LOL.

Once I get into the mood, I will try to finish my other ffs. I think they all have what you are looking for. Brothers, Inside My Heart, and I Married.


sarNie Granny
b..but i don't want to use my imagination :( i tend to imagin myself in the picture if i don't write it out :risas3: