[ONE31] Dong Phaya Yen: Point Cholawit / Cheribelle Lallalin / Akk Akarat / Yingying Sarucha


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Pordeecom's first drama in One31 should be announced sometime soon. Nothing's confirmed yet, but looks like there's some sort of an event today. There are too many actors in the next photos, so maybe they'll be in different dramas or one huge drama altogether?

Almost 2 weeks ago, One Lakorn IG (one of One31's official IG accounts) posted this photo of Point Cholawit. Could his next drama be produced by Pordeecom (seeing that he's in the first IG post above)?

Anyway, imagine Film, Jes, Plengkwan, Fern, Maprang and Point all in the same drama?


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Could this be entitled "Dong Phaya Yen"?

Not sure if one_zone__ is an insider, but many of his/her posts appear to be reliable.

So far, both Point and Yingying were in the ceremony earlier today. Didn't see any photos of Akk in the event yet, but wow will this be his first p'ek role?
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This will be Point and Cheribelle's 6th drama together, and looks like they're finally the pranang here. They were both in "Anintita", "Behind the Newsroom", "Tae Pang Korn", "Kahon Maha Ratuek", and "Wimarn Jor Ngern".