[ONE31] Neth Mahunnop (The One Enterprise): Son Yuke / Esther Supreeleela


sarNie Oldmaid
I thought this was their fitting for their first lakorn. Didn't know they were having a second lakorn. Anyway I'm happy to see that Esther is getting another lakorn. miss her. Haven't see her on scree this hold year.


sarNie Adult
^ I think "Deja Vu" should air early next year. I think they should be at least halfway done shooting it.

Come to think of it, no Pong or Esther this year in One31 (though Pong hosted a weekend show), but they have at least 3 dramas lined up each when they get back on air.


sarNie Oldmaid
I like the wardrobe/fitting picks for this one more than the other one. Since I think she purposely cross-dresses in the other.