[ONE31] Oum Rak Game Luang (The One Enterprise): Pong Nawat / Kob Suwanan / Dom Hetrakul / Donut Manatsanun


sarNie OldFart
The outfits look funky, but it’s cute on Kob. Good to see her back on screen.
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sarNie Adult
^ And right I almost forgot, he did a sitcom with Nune Woranuch last year. I find the trailer funny, though I didn't understand anything. His facial nuances are on point for comedy.

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sarNie Coma
Yeah, I'm less "in" as a viewer if there are different actors portraying the younger versions of the characters. Plus if makeup and hairstyle is done right, actors can look substantially younger. Like Ann Siriam in Sanaeha Maya, they did such a good job during her younger scenes.


sarNie OldFart
Ya...it is also to keep the connect better with the characters.

They are in college so....

I just have that suspension of belief